Worlwide venture capital associations and Venture capital Guide - Finance Review

Spanish Capital Investment Association
Non-profitable entity developing the private equity and venture capital industry in Spain.
Dutch Venture Capital Association
Umbrella organisation for venture capital investment companies in the Netherlands.
Belgian Venturing Association
Professional association promoting venture capital in Belgium.
Thai Venture Capital Association
Finnish Venture Capital Association
Swedish Venture Capital Association
Independent nonprofit association supporting the interests of companies and persons engaged in the Swedish venture capital industry.
French Venture Capital Association
Australian Venture Capital Association Limited
National association which represents the venture capital industry's participants, promotes the industry and encourages investment in growing Australian companies.
British Venture Capital Association
Represents sources of venture capital and private equity in the UK and is dedicated to promoting the industry.
European Investment Fund
Financial institution that supports the integration of the European Union by promoting investment in TENs (Trans-European Networks) and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).
UK regulatory body set up to protect investors. It supervises the way investment management firms provide investment services.
Russian Venture Capital Association
Promote formation and development of venture capital industry in Russia.
Canadian Venture Capital Association
Promotes networking, communication, research and education, information dissemination within and outside of the venture capital industry.
Portuguese Venture Capital Association
Hong Kong Venture Capital Association
Promotes and protects the interests of the venture capital industry in Hong Kong.
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