Affordable and Low Income Housing and Affordable Housing Guide - Real_estate and Review

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)
Providing buyer education, financing and grants, community development, and affordable rental placement services.
Southern California Housing Development Corporation
Nonprofit developer of affordable housing.
National Housing Conference
A professional membership organization that focuses on affordable housing and community development issues
News feeds, discussion forums, listserve, publications and searchable index of publications related to low income housing. Site is sponsored by the Fannie Mae Foundation.
Fannie Mae Foundation
Creates affordable homeownership and housing opportunities.
Research Institute for Housing America
Publications related to mortgage and housing markets and Annual Conference on Housing Opportunity information from nonprofit sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.
Voices of Cabrini: Remaking Chicago's Public Housing
Documentary film that tells the story of how redevelompment is changing this neighborhood.
Peninsula Housing Coalition - Nonprofit developer providing decent and safe affordable housing to those in need.
California Housing Law Project
Advocacy organization that provides news and action alerts related to affordable housing as well as statistics and pending legislation in California.
National Rural Housing Coalition
Works to focus policy makers on the needs of rural areas by direct advocacy and by coordinating a network of rural housing advocates around the nation.
Community Housing Assistance Program, Inc. (CHAPA)
Provides those who are unable to afford the necessities of life with safe, decent, supportive-service enriched housing.
Community Development Housing Foundation
Addresses issues of affordable housing.
Homes of Hope
Offers no-cost housing for families in need on a temporary or longer term basis. Also provides training and jobs for workers to build the housing.
Help Enterprises - Providing self-help housing, sewer and water services, housing rehabilitation, and homebuyer programs to low income families in the San Joaquin Valley.
Housing Crisis Center
Nonprofit organization to help single mothers, elderly, and handicapped find decent affordable housing. Also offers tenant's rights information and aid for Texas.
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