Cooperatives and Affordable Housing Guide - Real_estate and Review

Radical Routes Secondary Co
op - Helps small, radical co-ops to establish themselves. Includes background, articles, co-op members, and publications.
MCC Cooperative
Contains links to a number of Madison, Wisconsin housing cooperatives, and basic information on the co-ops.
The Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums
News and archived information for residential housing cooperatives and condominiums in New York and beyond.
Western Australian Community Housing
Includes links to many types of housing providers, financial and legal information on starting community housing, and many other online documens.
Dreamtime Village
An experiment in ecovillage design, based in Lima, Peru. Includes stories about living in Dreamtime, and contact information for new resident applications.
Community Housing Council of South Australia
Many articles, FAQS, and newsletters on cooperatives and community housing in Australia.
National Association of Housing Cooperatives
The U.S. N.A.H.C. is a nonprofit national federation of housing cooperatives and mutual housing associations. Contains info on living in and starting housing co-ops, a listing of publications, and links and m
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