Housing Issues and Affordable Housing Guide - Real_estate and Review

Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE)
International organization which promotes and protects the right to housing for everyone, everywhere.
Help Enterprises - Providing technical services and support, helping families and communities compete for financial resources and empowering people to be leaders. Includes current programs, how to join, FAQ and related links.
Joint Center for Housing Studies
The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University analyzes the ways in which housing policy and practices are shaped by economic and demographic trends.
Women's Housing Coalition
Nonprofit organization provides transitional and permanent housing combined with supportive services for homeless, low-income, and at-risk women.
McAuley Institute
Offers technical and financial assistance to grassroots organizations working to expand housing opportunities and economic security for low-income women and their families. Includes current projects, how to get involved, resources, and
Louisiaina Housing Conference
Covers advances and current topics related to mortgage lending and real estate financing including insurance, title, appraising and technological issues of commercial and residential real estate financing in Louisiana.
Homeownership Alliance
Made up of groups and individuals interested in educating the public about issues related to housing and homeownership in the United States. Includes membership list and information, FAQ, press releases, and current projects.
Community Revitalization Training Center
Provides training and technical assistance for affordable housing, rehabilitation and construction, and housing finance to nonprofits and state and local governments.
Housing Center
Sponsor of nationwide commercial insurance programs for public housing authorities across the US.
Housing Assistance Council
Helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes. Includes information about loans, technical assistance, training, links, publications and relevant articles.
National Home of Your Own Alliance
Funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to promote opportunities for people with disabilities to own and control their homes.
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