Public Records and Information Guide - Real_estate and Review

Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records
Serves the information needs of Arizona citizens and provides access to unique historical and contemporary resources.
AmerUSA Employment Screening: Public Records Research
Provides pre-employment criminal records research for any jurisdiction in the US.
Know It All Background Research Services, Inc.
Offers pre-employment public records checks.
Real Estate Public Records
Offers a database search of real estate record for property appraisals, title searches, tax liens, bankruptcies and building permits.
APS Information Services
APS uses certified public record research specialists to perform its searches and records retrevials
Information broker tracing unlisted and unpublished telephone numbers.
Accusearch, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, filing and retrieval service.
Nationwide public record search and filing service.
Specializing in social security number (SSN) verification, death information, pension fraud detection, information security services, network / software engineering, and computer consulting
Background Information Searches
Specializes in criminal research and fraud prevention including court record research and social security number verification
South Carolina Public Records
Records and directory information from the LLR and counties of SC.
Provides instant criminal records, county records and warrant search for employment and personal use
Specialist in retrieving criminal records for background check verification Public Records Research
Provider of public records research services. Includes criminal history and drivers license verification for pre-employment and tenant screening
Corporate and Criminal Research Services, Inc.
Providing corporate filing and retrieval, UCC filing and searches, public records searches and investigations.
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