Real Estate includes industries that are engaged in leasing, renting, managing, selling, buying real estate for others and providing services such as appraisal services.
Apartments and rentals Rent an appartment via an agency.
Real estate auctions Buy a property or real estate via auctions.
Eviction Service When the landlors and the tenants disagree, there may be a need for eviction services.
Vacation Rental Summer holidays rentals.
Appraisal Real estate appraisal service.
Brokerage Firms
Employment Find a job as a real estate agent or other.
Professionals Real estate consultants and agencies.
Printing Brochures, leaflets and printing pictures of the real estate.
Real estate for sale by owner
Guides and directoriesOnline real estate guides
InformationState of the art informations.
Affordable housing Cheap and council sponsored social housing.
Urban planning/A> Urban infrastructure planning
Inspection Security inspection such as fire, rats.
InsuranceInsure your house or property against any possible damages.
Land and farmRanch, farms and land.
LegalAdvices and lawyers.
Luxury Real EstateSpecialy designed luxury propoerties all over the world.
Movers Helps you to move your piano and house belongings.
Relocation services Expatriating to another state or country means finding a suitable place to live.
New homesUsually a little more expensive but worth it.
Property listingRenting or selling property listing on and offline.
Property management While out of your house, get the buck out of it thanks to property management.
SoftwareManage your property listing thanks to those real estate softwares.
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