Data privacy and D Guide - Resources and Review

Series of reports available in HTML and Word '97 format, aimed at tackling information security problems. Material includes accounts of workshops, teaching guidelines, advice for the higher education community, and details of current issues in the fields of virtual learning and electronic commerce. Access to International Security Forum Reports is also provided for the UK academic community.
Consumer information program offering information on a variety of information privacy issues, as well as practical tips on safeguarding personal privacy. Provides access to full text speeches and testimony, related privacy resources, and factsheets on topics such as wireless communications, junk mail, eavesdropping, and credit card payment.
Documents areas requiring security within the higher education environment such as student records, examination papers, financial information, personnel records, research data, papers, proposals, network and telephone logs, and interpersonal communications including email. Provides an overview of secure protocol technology as a means of enforcing security, secure protocol products and UK government issues.
Full text of a book dealing with a range of issues including hacking, data protection, intellectual property rights and liability.
Offers answers to privacy related questions, news items, and links to additional resources. Material is aimed at business, consumers, and children.
Set of links to news items about legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and the information society, particularly those relating to information content, market and technology. Covers topics such as computer crime, consumer protection, Internet access and use, and protection of minors.
Refereed article highlighting the problems of legislating electronic commerce. Discusses the role of the US, European Union and Organisation for Economic Co
operation and Development in formulating legal policy, and the legal position regarding digital signatures, certificate authorities and trusted third parties, and the issue of data protection.
Official information from the body responsible for implementing the Data Protection Act 1998 and influencing national and international thinking on privacy and personal information. Includes data protection guidelines, guidance notes, news, and specialist papers.
News, records, and analysis of legislation and regulation affecting the computer and Internet industry. Includes items on education, employment, encryption, politics, privacy and the Year 2000 bug.
Resources including a news service and a legal library offering information on national data protection laws, regulations, standards and practices for businesses around the world concerned about handling trans
border communication. Features an exchange forum for international dialogue on consumer services and privacy protection.
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