Democracy and D Guide - Resources and Review

Explores issues of democracy and voting, including discussion of various forms of proportional representation voting systems.
Information on UK political reform, including voting, decentralisation, parliament, citizenship, freedom of information, rights and the constitution. Also describes the group, its publications and campaigns.
List of documents relating to democracy, the fall of communism, and post
communist Europe. Contains barometer surveys of New Russia, New Baltic, and New Korea, and abstracts of publications on topics such as economic enterprise and privatisation, social protection and poverty, and parties and elections. Provides a facility for ordering the full text of these articles online.
Presents video, audio, and text transcripts of a series of lectures delivered at Yale University during 2001 on the condition and prospects of democracy in the United States.
Journal which monitors and analyses democratic regimes and movements in several countries around the world. Offers free access to electronic versions of the annual Election Watch, and subscription access to the full text of articles from 1995 onwards.
Collection of documents tracing the development of democracy in Australia. Specific information relating to the Commonwealth, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania is accessible via an interactive map, and is presented in RTF, PDF, or Word 6 format. Details of the significance and history of each resource is provided, along with full text transcripts of material such as various Constitutional Acts, Instructions from Queen Victoria to the Governor
General (1900), the Aborigines Act (1910), and the Treaty of Versailles (1919).
Draws together comparative data relating to the level of democracy in over 200 countries and dependencies, using criteria such as political rights, press freedom, level of corruption, civil liberties, and human rights. Presents democracy rankings for country groupings such as the OECD, the European Union, G7, and the Arab League, and an overall ranking of nations with populations over 1 million.
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