Differential equations and D Guide - Resources and Review

Iinternational mathematical journal disseminating theoretical knowledge in the field of convex analysis and, at the same time, cultivating and extending its applications. It publishes research articles touching the areas of calculus of variations, control theory, measure theory, functional analysis, differential equations, integral equations, optimisation, and mathematical programming.
Digital Proceedings of the Organic Mathematics Workshop, held at Simon Fraser University, December 12
14 1995. Papers are presented on such topics as Pfaff's Method, arithmetic, properties of binomial coefficients, the Hirsch Conjecture, and differential equations, among others. 'Mathactivations' accompany the papers and enable the user to interactively enter variables to change outcomes.
Information on differential equations for students and researchers, including online discussions, software, courses, notes, teaching suggestions, newsletters, books and workshops.
Includes on
line books, news and information.
Journal available only in electronic form which covers all topics related to the qualitative theory (stability, periodicity, boundedness, etc) of differential equations (ODE's, PDE's, integral equations, functional differential equations, etc.) and their applications.
Purely electronic journal dealing with all aspects of differential equations.
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