Digital library standards and D Guide - Resources and Review

Links to documents archived by IFLA and external resources relating to metadata. Metadata is data about data. The term refers to any data used to aid the identification, description and location of networked electronic resources.
Report of a project funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) to establish procedures for local content creation in small and medium
sized library authorities in Scotland. Addresses options for continuing the development of collections beyond the short-term project funding currently on offer, and permanent conservation of collections.
The Dublin Core is a 15
element metadata set intended to facilitate discovery of electronic resources. Originally conceived for author-generated description of Web resources, it has also attracted the attention of formal resource description communities such as museums and libraries.
Describes the principles governing the Dublin Core element refinement and encoding scheme qualifiers. Also provides a summary and definitions approved by the DCMI Usage Committee.
Paper describing a project to investigate the feasibility of setting up a large
scale distributed indexing service for searching Web-based research information, and of providing a unified interface for users through the use of different standards and protocols.
Good practice report to documenting and organising aerial photography, remote sensing, archaeological, and digital data.
Article outlining a proposed model for the development of digital library research. Covers a number of themes such as accessibility, user support, requirements and behaviour, structural issues, navigation and search tools, metadata, information retrieval, interface design, functionality, security, and sustainability.
Details of the Instructional Management Systems Project (IMS) which is developing a specification and software for managing online learning resources in order to assist effective discovery and management of educational materials, including intellectual property rights, commerce, and customisation of learning experiences.
Resources about the Dublin Metadata Core Element Set, a simple information resource description which also aims to provide a basis for semantic interoperability between other, probably more complicated, formats and is also intended to provide the basis for resource embedded description, initially with HTML documents.
Conference paper discussing copyright violation of digital libraries. Considers factors required by copyright holders, users, the private information service industry and library operators, technical issues and methods for inhibiting redistribution of material.
The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system was designed by the Association of American Publishers to provide a unique identification for digital content and a way to link users of the materials to the rights holders, and to facilitate automated digital commerce.
Provides advice and guidance for eLib projects. Guidelines are from 1996 and 1998, covering a wide range of electronic format and interchange standards, as well as references to more detailed reading.
Full text publication outlining a rationale for digitisation and preservation. Considers issues involved in project management, the selection process of materials for scanning, copyright issues, technical concerns, the development of best practices, vendor relations, and digital longevity. Available in PDF format.
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