Dogs and D Guide - Resources and Review

Index of information about dog training and obedience. Includes basic training, obedience mailing lists, advanced and competition training articles.
monthly newsletter published via email. Site provides subscription instructions and sample issues. Topics include advances in veterinary medicine, human / animal interactions, canine health and care, and event and conference announcements.
Offers services including data and information exchange, products such as ski reports and accident statistics, a mail order catalogue of equipment, and details of courses and events. Also includes a forum for avalanche search dog trainers.
Information on the four groups of mammals: monotremes, multituberculates (the 'lost tribe' of mammals), the only major branch of mammals to have become completely extinct, marsupials and eutheria. Eutheria is the group containing the placental mammals such as whales, bats, elephants, shrews, and armadillos. They are also some of the most familiar organisms, including pets such as dogs and cats, as well as many farm and work animals, such as sheep, cattle, and horses. Humans are also placental mammals.
A collaborative study aimed at producing a map of all the chromosomes in dogs. Such a map can be used to locate the genes causing disease and those controlling morphology and behaviour.
Database of animal protection societies searchable by activity such as cat, bird, dog or horse protection, animals in entertainment, experimentation, farm animals, fur, genetic engineering, marine animals and wildlife conservation. Alternatively, contact details can be located geographically. Links to vegetarian societies are also provided.
The Peabody Museum's collections are at the core of the museum's exhibit philosophy. Exhibitions include the Age of Reptiles, Invertebrate Paleontology, Fossil of the Month, Birds of Connecticut, The Social Life of Cliff Swallows, Natural History Dioramas, An Ndjuka Maroon Shrine from Suriname, Designing Dinosaurs, and Dogs in Native America.
Collection of links to resources providing general pet care information, together with details of how best to choose, breed, care for, and feed birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses and ponies, rabbits, and rodents in the domestic environment.
Information on dogs including articles, a breeders directory, breed and health information and pet products.
Information and advice for dog owners. Includes choosing the right dog, nutrition, training, behaviour, aggression, and health.
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