First world war and F Guide - Resources and Review

A chronology of the life of World War I soldier and poet Wilfred Owen, with photographs of important places in his short life, maps showing his travels in France and Britain, and links to his poetry about the horrors of war.
Offers a complete transcription of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. In addition to being available as a single file, the treaty is also offered in 16 sections, together with suggestions of further readings, maps depicting the pre
and post-war situations, and cartoon imagery from 1919 reflecting on the treaty.
Poems of Wilfrid Owen, Rupert Brooke, Isaac Rosenberg, Siegfried Sassoon and Edward Thomas, with associated tutorial.
Historical resource incorporating sound, images and video clips. Describes the involvement of the Newfoundland government and people in the first world war, their role throughout the battle, volunteerism, and patriotism.
An Internet history of World War 1 (1914
1918), with extensive information on the people, places, and events involved. Features include armoury exhibits, map room, war atlas, country-specific sections, artwork including war paintings, drawings and posters and a discussion forum.
Designed to aid study of the Great War. Provides a journal and an opportunity for discussion about issues concerning the First World War. Also provides an extensive list of links to relevant historical material, organisations, and discussion groups.
A set of tutorials forms the core of this project which aims to demonstrate that the virtual seminar is more effective than the more traditional format which limits cross discussion between institutions. Material is presented on the subject of First World War poetry, including Isaac Rosenberg's 'Break of Day in the Trenches', manuscripts by Wilfred Owen, and an introduction to text analysis.
Covers conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth since 1914. Exhibits include a Battle of Britain Spitfire, a V2 rocket and a German one
man Biber submarine. Art galleries display works by twentieth century war artists and the First and Second World Wars are illustrated by film, photographs, diaries, letters, mementoes, firearms, medals, badges, printed material and sound recordings.
Guide to the first world war with multimedia components including images, maps, animations, audio files, and a 3
D tour of the trenches. Provides information on the background to the war, the experiences of other countries such as Australia, India, Ireland, and Germany, battles, social impact, executions, shellshock, the British Army and women's role in the war, and annual summaries.
ollection of World War 1 propaganda postcards from both the Central and Allied powers. Examples depict heads of state and military leaders, troops at war, wartime atrocities, and scenes mocking the opposing side. Short biographies and samples of the work of prominent artists are also included. English, French and Dutch translations are available.
Searchable and browsable archive of Owen's works comprising manuscript pages, letters, interviews with First World War veterans, video footage, and photographs.
Presents background information, online lessons, and resources for teachers and students which cover the history curriculum in Years 7 through 9, and at GCSE level. Topics covered include the Roman empire, Islamic civilisations, the Tudors, the First World War, and Nazi Germany.
Record of officers in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who are known to have died, or are believed to have died, in 1915 at the battle of Gallipoli. Along with additional information on ANZACs, the biographical data on individual officers includes military and personal details, location and date of death in action, where possible, and information on where their graves are situated.
Created by teachers and students from several different countries.Each entry in the encyclopaedia involves several pages of text, illustrations and links to other relevant material looking at the international, the national and the local dimension of the conflict. Subjects covered include war in the air and at sea, life in the trenches, military tactics, the Home Front and weapons and war machines. Contains primary source material.
Searchable collection of primary documents from World War I including conventions, treaties, official papers, memorials, and personal reminiscences. Also features an archive of images, a section on the maritime conflict, and links to material on medical aspects of the war.
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