Fluid mechanics and F Guide - Resources and Review

An index of information relating to computational fluid dynamics. Includes topics such as turbulence, hypersonic flow and multi
grid methods, also conference details, mailing lists and jobs.
NASA division responsible for planning, advocating, directing, and implementing space experiments in technology and microgravity science. It conducts and sponsors ground
based scientific and technology studies that may lead to experiments in space. The focus of these efforts is to enhance the understanding of the role of gravity in physical processes (e.g. materials science, power, propulsion, combustion, fluid physics and plasma physics).
Links to numerous annotated and evaluated online resources relevant to hydraulic and waterworks engineering.
Online general physics book, with chapters on mechanics, fluids, electricity, magnetism, atomic physics, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, wave physics, symbols and abbreviations and biophysical chronology.
Set of online papers about grid generation, grid adaptation, finite
volume solvers, multigrid convergence acceleration, and parallel computation.
Index to four journals: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids and Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics.
A journal of fluid dynamics, in particular the fundamental processes. Topics include wake dynamics, jets, bluff body flows, shear and boundary layers, turbulence, aero
acoustics, and rotating flows.
An index of software for dynamic simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power systems. Some programs for more general system simulation are also listed.
Links to numerous annotated and evaluated online resources relevant to fluid flow, hydraulics and pneumatics.
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