Food customs and F Guide - Resources and Review

A database of recipes which can be searched by country of origin. Includes vegetarian, diabetic, and gluten
free recipes.
Searchable collection of traditional Greek recipes with instructions on how to prepare appetisers, soups, sauces and dressings, main courses, desserts, and salads.
Resource providing tips and instructions on how to keep kosher. Includes consumer information, links to commercial services, material on kosher travel, recipes, and details of how to prepare for Passover.
Searchable collection of information about ethnic foods and ingredients. Provides a calendar of holiday traditions practised by a range of religions including Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, and Kwanzaa during the month of December. A monthly food quiz, and details of common religious food practices such as prohibitions and restrictions on various food groups are given.
A bibliography about food habits from around the world divided into regions and topics. Includes prehistoric food habits, cannibalism, eating attitudes, fasting, body image, festivals, feasting and taboos.
Browsable and searchable directory of kosher restaurants worldwide. Details provided include price range, food type, a brief description, and user ratings. Also offers travel directions to each restaurant.
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