Food science and F Guide - Resources and Review

The BIDS RSC service provides access to seven databases supplied by The Royal Society of Chemistry, covering analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, health and safety, biotechnology, nutrition, mass spectrometry, and chemical industry news. Subscription required. Five of the databases contain bibliographic information: Analytical Abstracts (over 200,000 abstracts from 1980 onwards), Chemical Business NewsBase (over 430,000 abstracts from 1985 onwards, covering news of the worldwide chemical industry), Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts (over 400,000 abstracts from over 500 key journals since 1970), Chemical Safety NewsBase (40,000 abstracts from 1981 onwards, covering health and safety matters), and Mass Spectrometry Bulletin (over 44,000 bibliographic records from 800 journals since 1991). The other two databases are Chemical Safety Data Sheets (safety information for 550 chemicals) and the UK Nutrient Databank (authoritative database of 60 nutrients in 3000 foods).
IFR is one of the UK's bioscience institutes with multi
disciplinary expertise in food, health and environment forming the Bioscience Network. It undertakes independent science for food and health. Research at the Institute of Food Research stimulates industrial innovation, improves the safety of the food supply, helps consumers choose a healthy diet and contributes to the quality of food and ingredients.
Addresses for affiliates around the world. Information about events, awards, job opportunities and links to other web sites.
Set of links to journals relevant to food science and nutrition. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
A guide to Internet resources in agriculture and related sciences.
Includes information on the institutes three product
independent departments; General Food Technology and Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Food Process Engineering, and links to product related departments including Meat Technology and Dairy Technology.
Set of guides offering an insight into the mechanisms behind engines and motors, items around the house such as fridges and batteries, electronic devices, things seen in public such as hot water towers, basic technologies such as gears, computers, digital technology, food, and the human body.
Web site of the UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF) offering industry news and market information. Also provides access to numerous FDF publications and reports pertaining to issues such as food safety, genetic modification, food hygiene, nutrition and food marketing. Reports are available in HTML or Word formats.
IFST is the independent incorporated professional qualifying body for food scientists and technologists. It aims to serve the public interest by furthering the application of science and technology to all aspects of the supply of safe, wholesome, nutritious, and attractive food, both nationally and internationally. Online resources include IFST position statements on current food related topics such as listeria in cheese, Aids and the food handler, BSE, genetic modification, the use of irradiation for food quality and safety, salt, salmonella, and food allergens.
Description of current activities in research and teaching, including details of degrees and courses available. Mainly in English.
Brief answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about food and food topics, such as what is a good diet, is sugar harmful, is salt harmful, is a vegetarian diet better, what foods are good for arthritis, and what are junk foods. The four major headings are food and nutrition, food safety, additives and packaging, and science and food.
A distributed network that provides access to agriculture related information and subject area guides, such as economics, animal science, food science, plant science, forestry, and natural resources. An online reference service is also included.
A summary of the meaning and derivation of numerous animal substances.
Listing of vitamins, their benefits, and information about food sources and nutrients.
Database of the nutrient content of 5,900 different foods with information on food groups, nutrient content, weights, and measures.
Food Resource aims to provide access to images, documents and other food references via the Internet. Categories include associations and organisations, nutrition, fruits, safety and chemicals.
A search and index tool to help navigate the Internet for data, information and resources related to agriculture.
Collection of resources that provide agricultural and biological information. Also features AgriForum, a Web based program to facilitate the discussion of agricultural topics.
Includes the National Dairy Database and USDA Food Composition.
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