Frogs and F Guide - Resources and Review

All kinds of information about frogs, both silly and scientific. Includes images, frog calls, song lyrics and stories about frogs, articles on topics such as anatomy and dissection, declining amphibian populations, species information and resources on frogs kept in captivity.
Information about water frogs. Contains species list, information about hybrids, relationships among water frogs, a bibliography, news and an image and sound archive.
The Whole Frog project is intended to introduce the concepts of computer based 3D visualisation and to demonstrate the power of whole body, 3D imaging of anatomy as a curriculum tool. It aims to offer biology students the ability to explore the anatomy of a frog and visualize the anatomical structures of the intact using data from high resolution MRI imaging, mechanical sectioning, 3D surface and volume rendering.
Description of Canadian amphibians, with discussion about their declining numbers. Also includes a guide to types of amphibian and their geographic dispersal in Canada.
Provides information on the deformity and decline of amphibians, with reference to environmental changes such as disease, pollution, toxic chemicals, and radiation. Includes news releases, details of scientific research, and educational resources to suit a variety of age groups. General information on amphibians and additional sources are also given.
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reviewed journal publishing research into the taxonomy and phylogeny of amphibians, turtles, crocodiles, and reptiles. Contains a directory of herpetologists providing affiliation, interests, and contact information for researchers in the field.
Aims to facilitate the transfer of information on deformed amphibians (mostly frogs) in areas as widespread as Minnesota, California, and Florida. Malformations include extra or missing limbs, missing eyes, and split limbs. It is intended to serve as a central repository for data on the type and relative frequency of such malformations throughout the US.
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