Genealogy and G Guide - Resources and Review

Organisation which covers the whole of Ireland and traces family histories. It is the coordinating body for government
approved genealogical research centres in Ireland.
Contains links to over 2700 genealogy resources worldwide including help and guides, software, societies, and reference sources.
Employees of Rand have created this page to share information about electronic genealogical resources. Wide range of genealogical resources include searchable location and surname lists.
Collection of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland. For the most part information that is provided in GENUKI relates to primary historical material such as parish register and census transcripts, details of archives and their holdings, rather than material resulting from genealogists' ongoing research.
Genealogical data for the Royal Family of Britain, and many of the Royals of Europe. Also features the genealogy of US Presidents, and links to related genealogical test data.
Information about Melungeons, a group of dark
skinned people with European features found living in the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and West Virginia by explorers in the mid-1600's. Includes answers to FAQs about Melungeons, and a selection of Web resources concerning Appalachian folklore and stories, genealogy, Native American history, and geographic areas of interest. Features an additional section devoted solely to Melungeon genealogy.
An index to records held on over 22,000 Irish genealogy pages, covering over 1.4 million names. Searching is by full name, surname, keyword, year range, and record type. Also offers full contact details for the source record archives, and a list of useful Web resources.
Collection of annotated links to family history resources on the Web, covering genealogical and historical societies, guides to researching family trees, newspaper archives, and computer, Internet, and software support.
Society to provide advice and assistance to those involved in genealogy worldwide. Includes access to a newsletter and information about free online courses in genealogy.
Official source of genealogical data for Scotland. Registered users who pay a searching fee can search records including census indexes for 1891 and 1901, parish and statutory records of births and deaths to 1901, marriages to 1926, and view digitised copies of registration documents. Also includes facilities for ordering official copies of registration documents.
Index to a selection of genealogy related sites around the world. Resources are arranged by resource type, which includes mailing lists, newsgroups, and world wide web addresses, and then alphabetically.
Offers information about where to obtain vital records from each state, territory and county of the United States, such as requests for information for birth, marital and death records. Arranged by state and county, with links to other sources of information useful for genealogists.
Offers coverage of many aspects of heraldic research by providing articles, a bibliography, and an extensive image gallery featuring over 6000 coats of arms. Articles concentrate on subjects such as heraldic symbolism, with a list of Clans and their Septs also available. Coats of Arms are retrievable alphabetically by surname through the master index.
Collection of material designed to aid heraldic and genealogical research on the Internet. Features information on Irish surnames, symbolism and terminology, maps, flags, Scottish Clans and tartans, and coats of arms.
Genealogical and historical reference resource for tracing ancestors from the Carpathian mountain region of Eastern Europe, with an emphasis on those of Carpatho
Rusyn heritages.
Directory of first names, both male and female, taken from a range of different cultures. Discusses the source, etymology, and popularity of names listed.
Links to over 30 genealogy societies worldwide including general, regional, national, ethnic, and family based organisations.
A selection of resources for genealogical research in the Channel Islands.
Repository of the national archives for England, Wales and the United Kingdom. It was founded by act of Parliament in 1838 to bring together and preserve the records of central government and the courts of law, and to make them available to all who wish to consult them. The records, beginning with the Domesday Book (1086), span an unbroken period from the 11th century to the present day.
African ancestry resource with state
level and worldwide resources. Provides searchable databases of surnames with submitter details where available, slave data covering birthplace, sex, and colour, census records organised by state, and a library of reference guides, newspaper articles, graphics, and special collections.
Search facility providing details of family members, searchable by ancestor name. Information returned includes gender, place, and date of birth. Also features searchable categories of genealogical research material, such as census and lists, land and property, migration, military, and vital records.
A searchable dictionary of Chinese surnames, providing details of each entry's origin, Romanisation, and variations in spelling. Also includes topical articles relating to genealogy and a free newsletter. Material is presented in traditional and simplified Chinese, as well as English.
Database of over 18,000 individuals, which can be searched in various ways. The directory also lists links by culture and country.
Offers government papers covering topics such as foreign affairs, agriculture, and law, a selection of research guides on subjects including the Irish famine, medieval Irish plea rolls, and the rebellion of 1798, and information about the transportation of Irish emigrants to Australia between 1791
1868. A section on the Irish language, written in Gaelic, is also featured.
Contains links to all known genealogical databases searchable through the Web. It is limited to searchable databases and does not include links to sites devoted to a family unless a database is available for searching.
Created by the producers of a large genealogy magazine, this web site focuses specifically on genealogy resources online. Some resources are freely available, access to others is restricted.
Information on the culture, history and geneaology of the Rusyn ethnic group from the Ukraine and Carpathian mountain areas.
Index of genealogy research resources, including bibliographies, government records and genealogy links.
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