Geography research and G Guide - Resources and Review

Notes and queries grouped by county, pertaining to the derivation and meaning of place names in Scotland. Provides news of ongoing projects in toponymics, past and future conference announcements and reports, and a bibliography of classic texts and new publications.
An international quarterly journal of geographical research. The journal publishes refereed articles and reviews on any theoretical or empirical subject relating to geography. Offers full text articles from the past two years in PDF format.
List of university geography departments worldwide.
Venture aiming to create a collection of photographs depicting scenes taken from each latitude/longitude degree intersection in the world. Publishes pictures and accompanying narratives for each confluence, and presents an interactive map pinpointing those successfully captured on film.
Full transcripts, complete with images and diagrams, of lectures on geography and the Earth's ecosystem. Covers topics such as the atmosphere, conservation, and the emergence of life on Earth.
List of UK university geography departments.
GRASS is a public domain geographic information system (GIS) used for data management, image processing, graphics production, spatial modelling, and visualisation of many types of data.
Additions to the research catalogue of the American Geographical Society Collection.
List of UK university geography departments.
Society formed from the merger in 1995 of the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of British Geographers. Much of the Society's research activity is undertaken through its nineteen research groups.
Documents Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 voyage to the Antarctic aboard The Endurance, which collapsed when the vessel became trapped in ice, forcing the crew to abandon ship. Shackleton then embarked upon an 800 mile open boat journey, now considered one of the greatest boat journeys in history, before trekking across the mountains of South Georgia where he was able to organise a rescue team to save his crew.
Index of online resources covering topics including human and physical geography, cartography, planning and transportation, and remote sensing. Details of UK geography, geology and meteorology departments are given, and online field trips and tours are available.
List of worldwide electronic journals about geography.
Provides a focal point for geography and related disciplines concerned with gender issues. Topics include geographical variations in gender divisions and structures of patriarchy, cultural construction and cultural politics of gender, and the intersections between gender, 'race', ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, class, age, and other social divisions. Tables of contents provided.
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