Gis and G Guide - Resources and Review

VENTS ArcView GIS software demonstration for X windows terminals, plus general GIS information and links.
Guidance for the creation, maintenance, use and long
term preservation of GIS based digital resources, with an emphasis on archaeological data.
Links to resources likely to be of interest to the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) community.
Online dictionary with definitions for almost 1000 terms compiled from a variety of sources which either relate directly to geographical information systems or which geographers may come across in the course of their work. The dictionary is also supplemented by diagrams.
Pathway to find information about GIS and geospatial data.
Index to Internet resources in cartography, maps and GIS.
Details of introductory short courses and distance learning courses at Kingston, including EduGIS, plus GIS software, various GIS publications and papers, an electronic noticeboard, and a test of GIS knowledge.
Covers integrated applications in the geotechnologies, including remote sensing, GIS, image processing, GPS, mapping, photogrammetry, orthophotography, and surveying. Tables of contents only.
Interactive map of Victorian London illustrating the city as it was between 1813 and 1858 at the time of John Snow, a prominent 19th century epidemiologist and anaesthesiologist. Two indexes are presented, listing general historic sites in London, and areas of particular relevance to Snow.
Guide designed to serve as an introduction to the world of Japanese GIS, remote sensing, geospatial data products, maps, activities and information sources.
The Association for Geographic Information represents all interests which make up the UK geographic information community. Members are drawn from government, business and commerce and include both suppliers and users. Includes an online dictionary of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) terms and an index of GIS resources.
Project to provide support for the GIS user community, including education and training materials associated with a variety of common GIS such as GRASS, ARC/Info and Idrisi.
Highlights maps, tools, and software for researchers interested in GIS. Offers a collection of geographical data sources arranged by country, a search engine for exploring the Web specifically for geography related resources, downloadable packages, viewers, converters and compression utilities, and latest news in the form of headlines, classifieds, and events.
Develops new tools and provides new solutions for the optimal use of the environment, particularly in the areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing. Includes information about research projects on topics such as river catchment management and remote sensing of lakes.
List of general databases and online archives, topographic and demographic data, USGS data standards, GIS and computer
aided cartography base files.
REGIS develops GIS tools and applies them in environmental planning, management, research, and teaching. Offers information on GIS analysis and modeling, research projects and collaborative partnerships.
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