Government links and G Guide - Resources and Review

Postal addresses, and links to official Web sites for monarchs, presidents, prime ministers and provincial governors in over 190 countries around the world. A zipped copy of the directory is available to download. Also includes a listing of email addresses for heads of state.
Documents the process of governmental devolution in the UK, with sections on Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and proposals for regional government in England. Also covers the governance of British Dependencies.
Index to international organisations worldwide, including inter
governmental organisations, and international non-governmental organisations.
Collection of links to government and politics resources around the world. Resources are arranged by geographical region, then by country, and then by type. Also includes resources covering international and transnational issues and resources relating to political thought, ideology and theory.
Set of links to selected legal resources related to international organisations.
Links to official governmental resources arranged by country, state, county, city, and town. Includes information on Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
A free public service to provide electronic text to citizens of the Internet. Includes hundreds of online books and a government and civic text archive.
Links to citizen
oriented information disseminated by governments and other official institutions of European Union Member States, as well as government servers of other European countries.
A selection of documents issued by Brazil's national government between 1821 and 1993. Includes presidential reports and messages, ministerial reports and issues of Almanak Administrativo, published annually by the Brazilian Royal Court between 1844 and 1889. Most information is in Portuguese.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources about or from central governments worldwide.
Encyclopaedia of countries worldwide, including flags, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications and defence.
A clearing house for resources in the field of international relations and security. Includes sections on specific regions of the world, current conflicts, resources in areas such as government, political science, human rights and communication.
Index of legal, judicial, and government information including law journals and publishers, book reviews, continuing legal education resources, and political material.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to government.
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