Graphic design and G Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the trade association dedicated to the promotion of illustration and the interests of freelance illustrators, agents, students, and lecturers. Includes a searchable online gallery of illustrations.
Exhibition of the work of Russian typographer, designer, and architect El Lissitzky (1890
1941), well known for his work on book design and in particular for his illustrations in Yiddish books. Features designs from his Futurist beginnings to his propagandist work for the Soviet Government.
An online magazine featuring artwork by contemporary printmakers. Includes information about printmaking exhibitions, conferences, news and events worldwide, articles including topics such as materials and techniques and information about materials suppliers and services.
Software for programmable creative graphic design aimed at graphic designers, mathematical hobbyists and educators.
Information about poster art in the early 20th century. Includes a brief history of lithography, styles at the turn of the century and images of posters with descriptions of style, historical significance and the passage of events before and after its production.
A collection of posters created by Henri Toulouse
Lautrec (1864-1901). Includes the history of prints and printmaking in Paris, biographies and a bibliography.
Offers original articles and features about graphic design, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include advice on web design, fonts and graphic design packages.
Information about American posters designed to advise Americans, for events, advertising and patriotic persuasion. Includes over 130 images.
A collection of postage stamps with waterfall images. Images are listed by continent or alphabetically by country.
Exhibition which tracks the development of graphic design from 1910 to the 1930s. Exhibits are arranged in four sections: Avant
Garde, Commerce, Politics, and Social Change. Merrill C Berman's collection includes anonymous political posters, commercial advertisements, original collages, montages, sketches, and maquettes.
A magazine for type and graphics professionals which includes a bibliography and related links.
A collection of ukiyo
e posters from Japan. Many prints by artists like Utamaro and Sharaku were posters, advertising theatre performances and brothels, or idol portraits of popular actors and beautiful teahouse girls.
A collection of World War II propaganda posters from the United States. Includes over 30 images divided into two groups: posters that instil patriotism, confidence, and a positive outlook; and posters that fought against complacency with grim, unromantic visions of war.
Contains thousands of free downloadable fonts for both PC and MAC. Offers a fully searchable and browsable database as well as links to other free font and clipart Web resources.
Online magazine covering design and publishing, graphics, layout and typography. Most of the items which will appear in DT&G are real
life questions and problems from readers.
A collection of more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into over 50 groups according to their graphic characteristics. Includes the symbols' histories, uses, and meanings. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro
Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.
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