Greek language and G Guide - Resources and Review

Resources and hints for learning New Testament Greek. Includes dictionaries and Greek alphabet fonts.
Links to grammar resources, morphology information, dictionaries, and lessons in languages including Akkadian, Arabic, Artificial Languages, Brahui, Cherokee, Chinese, Coptic, Dhimal, English, Gaelic, Hindi, Indonesian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Tagalog, Urdmurt, Vietnamese, Welsh, and Wolof.
Information about this electronic data bank of ancient Greek literature from Homer (8th century BC) to 600 AD with historiographical, lexicographical and scholiastic texts from 600 to 1453 AD.
A personal selection of topics related to Greek, largely chosen as having a bearing on aspects of translation of Modern Greek, including history, names, accentuation of Greek texts, a bibliography, and other aspects of the language likely to be of interest to the non
Introduction to ancient Greek, including pronunciation, grammar, and alphabet guidelines. The lessons can be saved in PDF or read online.
English to Greek dictionary and computer dictionary.
Collection of annotated links to resources on ancient Greek grammar. Arranged by category, headings include the alphabet, numerals, accentuation and pronunciation, dictionaries and lexica, systematic grammar, and history of the language. Introductory courses, Greek fonts for computers, and collections of Greek texts are available.
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