Hebrew and H Guide - Resources and Review

Directory of links to library home pages and archives located in Israel, United States, Canada, Curacao, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, all of which relate to the literature, culture, and customs of the Jewish population.
Information source for Judaism and Israel. Includes Jewish resources on the Internet, a Kosher restaurant database and frequently asked questions about Judaism.
line archive of thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts, some of which are publicly available. Divided into English, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Tibetan and Icelandic texts.
A collection of resources covering subjects including the alphabet, grammar, literature, slang or 'new' Hebrew, and translation. A selection of cultural material is also provided.
Directory of the psalms and lyrics to Hebrew songs including those traditionally sung at Jewish festivals, translated into English. Sound clips and links to Israeli singers and musicians also feature.
Information, tables of contents, and comments on work based upon, and arranged according to, Jewish thought, history, and religion, and used in libraries of all kinds, synagogues, community centres, Hebrew schools, college campuses, and research institutions.
Provides a series of notes and a bibliography on the Hebrew Bible. Also features outlines of biblical books, maps and images of Palestine in biblical times, and a glossary of terms.
Resources and instructions for reading Hebrew on the Internet, including Hebrew fonts, software, newsgroups and editors.
Single word translations of English terms organised by category. Headings such as games, sports, and weather return listings of terms which are then given in Hebrew upon selection.
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