Humanities research and H Guide - Resources and Review

UK wide body, established to fund research in the Arts and Humanities field. Includes information about postgraduate programmes, advanced research programmes and university museums and galleries. Also provides news, press releases, application forms, and details of awards made.
Aims to disseminate information about the creation and use of high
quality electronic texts in the humanities.
Tool for improving access to UK library holdings for researchers concerned with humanities and social sciences relating to Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Features collection descriptions of resources held in UK libraries, including information on the history, strengths, general arrangement, access regulations, and subjects for each. Also offers details of newspaper holdings published in Asia.
Project aimed at increasing access to humanities researchers through cataloguing, preservation, conservation, digitisation and publicity. Online reports include A Study of Archival Records in UK Higher Education and a Use of Collections Survey.
Provides worldwide, networked, subscription access to the full text of over 40 scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.
Describes a project facilitating access to 19th century pamphlet collections held by the Consortium of University Research Libraries, and to raise awareness among humanities and social science researchers of their breadth and scope. Includes the full text of the proposal, contact details, a project plan, and minutes of partners' meetings.
National Academy for the humanities and social sciences, established in 1902 as 'The British Academy for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and Philological Studies'. It is an independent and self
governing fellowship of scholars, elected for distinction and achievement in the humanities or social sciences. Site contains details on their publications and lectures they are hosting.
The Association aims to maintain the broader unity of humanistic scholarship in the face of increasing specialisation, through the publication of original work, including journals, bibliographies, monographs such as the The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL).
A federation of 63 learned societies in the humanities and social sciences. Its purpose is 'the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the humanities and social sciences and the maintenance and strengthening of relations among national societies devoted to such studies'.
The Data Archive at the University of Essex houses the largest collection of accessible computer
readable data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. It is a national resource centre, disseminating data throughout the United Kingdom and, by arrangement with other national archives, internationally. Founded in 1967, it now houses approximately seven thousand datasets of interest to researchers in all sectors and from many different disciplines.
A 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language from a wide range of sources, designed to represent a wide cross
section of current British English, both spoken and written.
Canadian federal funding agency for university
based research and graduate training in the social sciences and humanities. Incorporates news of council activities, guides to SSHRC grants and fellowships, Web-based and PDF application forms, and details of application-related policies.
An online resource for scholars, teachers and students in the humanities and social sciences. H
Net maintains, administers or is affiliated with over 75 discussion lists for a broad variety of scholarly networks. Book, media and software reviews are commissioned and published online by the H-Net Review Project at Michigan State University. H-Net's Teaching Project provides information, course descriptions and syllabi, and evaluations of teaching material at all levels.
Group of learned societies, universities, colleges, and individuals involved in the humanities and social sciences arena in Canada. Offers information on federation activities, access to a database featuring descriptions of current research projects and their significance to Canadians, and views held on electronic journals.
National centre to coordinate access to and facilitate the creation and use of scholarly electronic resources in the arts and humanities.
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