Information management in health and I Guide - Resources and Review

Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to medical informatics and computing.
A survey about experience with online databases and demands for specific information resources was conducted in order to analyse the extent of problems experienced with information retrieval. The main conclusions of the survey findings showed there is a serious demand for information filtering and information supply in public health in Germany, some of the 'missed' databases do already exist, but are obviously not well known or accessible, thus indicating a need for promotion of information resources.
Describes a prototype GP information system using Internet technologies to help GPs refer patients to appropriate specialists.
Set of links to journals relevant to technology and computers in medicine. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
The information needs of adolescents within the educational setting are reviewed along with analyses of previous use and sources of health information. Anticipated needs and preferred sources for the future are also examined.
monthly magazine concerned with information technology in managed care and how information can be shared among health care networks.
Description of a project to develop a prototype classifier, known as HTC, which could assist in the automated understanding and manipulation of radiology reports through analysis of their language.
Summarises some of the principal findings of a study investigating information usage by general medical practitioners. The work was based on previous studies of the value and impact of information, these studies being undertaken in the corporate sector in Canada and in the health care sector in both the UK and USA.
Index of resources dealing with aspects of knowledge management. Includes articles, white papers, interviews, discussion forums, press releases and a knowledge management bibliography.
Group that contributes to national and international debates on information management and technology issues within health care. Includes conference details, publications and focus groups.
Organisation for individuals in the pharmaceutical industry involved in the provision and management of information. Includes articles from newsletters, information on professional development such as training and conference details, and news of groups like SIGAR, the AIOPI special interest group.
Monthly magazine dedicated to reviewing health and medical Internet sites.
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