Javascript and J Guide - Resources and Review

Collection of scripts for developing and adding functionality to Web sites, covering topics such as cookie usage, creating and processing forms, using image maps for site navigation, and adding search engines. Programming languages include AppleScript, C and C++, CGI, Delphi, Java, Javascript, PHP, Perl, VBScript, and Visual Basic.
A selection of primers and tutorials about HTML, plus a large JavaScript collection, and a set of free images and icons for use in Web pages.
A guide for language teachers to use HTML, Javascript and CGI to design interactive language learning tools. Examples are provided.
Information on JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. Includes tutorials, documentation, demonstrations and an archive of simple scripts.
Open Studio provides information of use to advanced Web developers. Includes articles, dynamic HTML, Java, JavaScript, technical manuals, sample code, and white papers.
Java news, applets, developer's tools, online courses and product information.
Tutorial covering the fundamentals of Javascript including functions, text boxes, IF
THEN conditionals, program loops, and other techniques to enhance Web pages (or not).
Collection of JavaScript scripts, which are free of copyright and can therefore be incorporated into any program. The site is searchable and includes answers to frequently asked questions about JavaScript.
Collection of hundreds of JavaScripts. Examples include a practical JavaScript search engine, clocks and games. Scripts can be freely copied. Also includes JavaScript tutorials.
A group of people who share a common interest in Java software development and the advancement of Java standards and software and aim to represent their concerns to companies and organisations who have influence in the evolution of Java.
An organised collection of tutorials, examples, and links for webmasters and Internet developers who are creating web sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, graphics, VRML, multimedia and animation.
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