Kosovo and K Guide - Resources and Review

News items presenting a case for Kosovan independence. Includes eye
witness reports of the massacre and cruelty taking place in Kosova, and thoughts and feelings about the involvement of NATO.
Reports on the situation in Kosovo, with news, analysis, and an interactive map. Information and opinions are given on the NATO bombing, refugees, air strikes, and Serb media, along with thousands of views expressed throughout the world by email and telephone.
News from a pro
Serbian viewpoint with information on politics, Kosova and Metohia, economy, culture and sport. Features an interview with Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic and reactions from around the world.
Information about Albania and the Albanians, with details of Albanian publications, organisations and companies in Albania, Kosova and around the world. Also includes Albanian history from the Illyrians to the present, details of language, folk music, folk dresses, food, and famous personalities.
Information about the current situation in Kosovo. Includes daily population statistics and estimates of the number of humanitarian evacuations of Kosovar refugees, detailing receiving countries. The number of asylum applications lodged by citizens of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is also documented.
Report featuring news stories, background, testimony, resources for Kosovar refugees, and information on how individuals can help.
Offers background information about the conflict and region of Kosovo, related reports, breaking stories, primers on international law and war crimes in Kosovo, and a selection of photographs.
Report on Serbian attempts to ethnically cleanse Kosovo, with information organised chronologically, by category of atrocity, and by area. Atrocities listed include forced expulsion, looting and burning, detention and rape. Also provides information on identity cleansing, achieved by removing Kosovar Albanians' identity papers. Includes photographic evidence of mass burial sites and graves.
Primary documents and annotated links relating to twentieth
century genocide. Topics covered include The Jewish Holocaust, War Crimes and Criminals, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Rwanda and Burundi, Vietnam, and World War II. Definitions and controversies of genocide are included.
News briefing on the background to the crisis in Kosovo, and the NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia.
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