Leisure and L Guide - Resources and Review

Details of over 50 popular UK magazines, with a summary of general magazine content and the specific topics covered in the current issue of each one. The main subject areas are computing, music, sports and entertainment, and women's craft.
A selection of over 4,000 questions for playing a simplified version of the Trivial Pursuit board game online.
History of games divided into three sections: traditional board games from around the world, English pub games and English garden games. Includes information on Wei Chi, Nine Mens Morris, Parcheesi, Quoits, Dominoes, Shove Ha'penny, Croquet and Badminton.
News magazine covering the entertainment and media worlds, with film and television production listings, music news, and international news.
Extensive searchable collection of links to hundreds of MUDs, as well as a brief introduction to the world of mudding, a breakdown of some of the more popular families of MUD, reviews, listings by category, players directory, a resource centre, and graphical MUD listings.
Global entertainment listings.
Web directory listing UK rail timetables, complaints facilities, and details of discount travel cards, as well as offering access to model railway clubs, magazines, and collectors' resources. Also provides links to material on preservation, historical and modern railways, undergrounds and tramways, and the rail industry in general.
Information on canal boating in the United Kingdom and Europe. Includes canal maps, hiring boats, hotel boats, events, a mailinglist, and information on specific canals and waterways.
Full text report examining the impact of gambling, to establish whether or not social costs outweigh its economic benefits. Provides an overview of legal issues and government roles in gambling, outlines different types of gambling in the United States including lotteries, casinos, sports wagers and the Internet, offers information about gambling regulation, problem and the impact of pathological gambling on people and places.
Encyclopaedia of martial arts focusing on Bushido, originally the code of conduct for the Samurai. Also provides information on Akido, Judo, Karate, Kendo, and Kung Fu. The Martial Arts Dictionary, originally in Japanese, can be accessed in English, French, and German.
Online ticket agency, event listing, and venue guide. Options to search for events by town, date or artist, and to order tickets online are available.
Rules and information about card and tile games from around the world, including an alphabetical index to rules of traditional games for two or more players, an index of games arranged by country of origin, and the types of cards they are played with. Also some basic rules, procedures and strategies that apply to most or all card games. Some of the games covered include baccarat, canasta, euchre and poker.
A guide to the world of foot, ski, mountain bike, and trail orienteering. Offers general information on the sport, event details, publications such as Orienteering World, a directory of national federations, and information about councils, committees, and groups.
Information about orienteering, including details of clubs, associations and events.
Government programme launched in 1994 to improve the competitiveness of the UK economy and enhance the quality of life, by bringing together business, the science base, and government to identify and respond to emerging opportunities in markets and technologies. Publications cover agriculture and forestry, chemicals, construction, defence, energy, financial services, food and drink, health, electronics, communications, leisure and learning, manufacturing, environment, and transport.
Selection of resources relating to the learning and teaching of game theory, including a set of lecture notes, reviews of textbooks, and links to a selection of interactive strategy games played online.
Subject centre aiming to establish and support a network of academic practitioners, identify and promote information on good practices of learning, teaching and assessment, and create opportunities for professional development in the fields of hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism.
Information about caving in the UK. Includes cave regions, conservation, articles, national associations, special interest groups, clubs and expeditions.
Offers information on the popular Rubik's range of puzzles, including a selection which can be played online.
Postcode searchable directory of gyms, health clubs, and personal trainers in the UK. Features address and telephone details, information on the distance from the given postcode to each gym, and links to maps of each area. Also features advice on choosing a gym or trainer.
Wealth of information about bowling with details of supplies, centres, software, associations, newsletters, and tournaments. Variations of the sport such as Canadian 5 Pin, Candlepin, and Duckpin bowling are described.
A developing, searchable guide to Internet resources on hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism. Details of Altis' policies, resource evaluation guidelines, cataloguing rules, and subject guide are given. The official launch date for the service is March 2003.
Trust established to protect countryside and buildings from increasing levels of industrialisation and development. Offers news about facilities at National Trust properties, details of forthcoming events, membership information and the Trust's educational campaign, Minerva. Places to visit can be searched for by entering area, county, name, theme, or via an alphabetical index.
An automated catalogue of numerous mailing lists relevant to different aspects of sport and recreation, with descriptions and subscription details.
Searchable resource offering links to circus companies, historical and cultural material, clubs and workshops, festivals and conventions, performers, and guides to skills such as juggling.
Collection of information about bicycle touring and off
road biking in Europe and the Mediterranean. Includes trail descriptions and tour reports, with resources arranged alphabetically by country.
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