Librarians and L Guide - Resources and Review

Document describing art libraries and associated work. Explains how to become an art librarian, provides information about courses and training opportunities, assesses job prospects in the field, and includes links to potential sources of employment.
oriented library organisation posting announcements of forthcoming events, membership details, and publication information.
Information centre which presents statistical information about libraries and for librarians. Covers public, academic and special libraries and involves the collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of all types of statistics which are relevant to library and information work.
Provides a forum for librarians and others concerned with the provision of materials for African studies in libraries in the UK.
The Janet User Group for Libraries looks after the interests of librarians, libraries and their users on JANET. It is a subcommittee of JNUG, the JANET National User Group, and also has strong links with SCONUL.
Selection of articles, links, and discussions designed for use by librarians. A searchable and browsable directory of material is arranged by DDC, with featured and new topics highlighted. Free membership is required to access some services.
Article which aims to provide a perspective on the information seeker in the digital environment as one whose need for a personalised, human
delivered reference service is greater than ever. It suggests new organisational structures that give the reference librarian greater visibility and value.
Includes committee information, an index of law resources, conference details, news, and details of other law librarian organisations.
A selection of quotations arranged by subjects such as books, borrowing, catalogues, collection development, learning, and public libraries. Entries are also listed by author, and material can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Libsoft is a mailing list devoted to discussing software of particular interest to librarians.
SCONUL exists to promote, maintain and advance the science and practice of librarianship and to improve the overall standards of national and university libraries for the benefit of the public.
Information about a range of training courses run by Aslib, The Association for Information Management. Details course features, skills acquired upon completion, and provides online booking forms. Areas covered include library and information management skills, knowledge management portfolio, general management and communication skills, sources of official information, business information, information management technology, and Internet skills.
Representative group for the librarians of undergraduate and postgraduate medical schools in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
Advice on career development issues for UK library and information professionals. Outlines the objectives and structure of the group, and addresses topics such as Library Association chartership and equal opportunities. Also features tables of contents and selected articles from Impact, the journal published by the group.
Group established to facilitate the exchange of ideas relating to the study of health sciences in higher education. Offers information about study days organised by the group, a mailing list, and reports on meetings and events attended by UHSL members.
Mailing list set up as a resource where reference librarians can help each other find the answers to difficult questions. Includes information on Stumpers
L, FAQ, bibliography, and access to the list archives.
Summary of hundreds of commercial feature films that refer to librarians or include a library element. Regularly updated. Includes a list of actors and actresses who have portrayed librarians and a short bibliography of articles about librarians in the movies.
Information about an informal group for academic librarians involved with engineering, science or technology in the UK.
based tutorial designed to teach patrons and library staff how to find and shelve books according to the Library of Congress call number system.
Searchable news resource for librarians providing material relevant to all aspects of the profession. Includes a weekly library related poll, and offers archives dating back to April 1999.
Links of interest to UK media librarians, including books, libraries, maps, mailing lists and online databases.
US focused online magazine aimed at recently qualified librarians. The bimonthly publication offers articles, interviews with figures involved in librarianship, regular columns, advice, letters from readers, and a listing of job sources. An archive of past issues is available.
A group of related projects intended to enable more informed decision
making and provide a clearer picture of the role which academic LIS services can play in the context of national teaching and learning initiatives, and in support of research.
Organisation representing workers in Canadian libraries. Provides an overview of the association, details of forthcoming conferences and events, and tables of contents from Feliciter, the CLA magazine. Also offers details of awards, scholarships and grants, and information on careers in libraries.
Set of links to water
related material organised into categories headed reference, library catalogues and Web pages, collection development and acquisitions, and other library resources. Sources include government agencies, databases, publishers, booksellers, mailing lists, and electronic journals.
Quarterly journal which examines issues facing science and technology librarians. Themes include the serials crisis and web
based resources (journals and databases) in sci-tech libraries. Back issues are also available.
Links to Web pages created or maintained by school librarians in the USA.
Full text of an article which originally appeared in Reference Services Review 20 (Summer 1992). Article analyses technostress (computer related stress) in the context of reference libraries in the 1990s and suggests coping and organisational management strategies.
Professional association for librarians in the UK. Provides information about the LA, its publications, events and structure, as well as the LA JobNet service and links to related organisations.
Identifies that library staff require training and development to cope with their changing roles and to exploit IT. Sets out success factors and frameworks. Part of a series of guides written by the IMPEL2 Project based on findings from case studies conducted in the library and information services of 24 UK universities and colleges during 1996
Information about the library profession in the US, types of librarian, scholarship opportunities, and training programs.
Collection of reports documenting prevailing conditions of libraries, librarians, and intellectual freedom throughout the world. Countries covered include Chile, Italy, Mexico, Lesotho, Ukraine, Cambodia, Lebanon, Norway, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.
A guide to librarianship which covers library education and career possibilities in the US, and current issues of importance to librarians such as censorship, ebooks, Internet filtering, and outsourcing.
An electronic forum for librarians, archivists, curators, and scholars interested in the practice and study of bibliographic and library services in support of historical study and teaching. Includes searchable discussion logs.
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