Library and information science education and L Guide - Resources and Review

An English
Spanish translation dictionary, thesauri, and an IFLA glossary of around 50,000 terms commonly encountered in Library and Information Science literature.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of library and information science.
A professional organisation which aims to advance knowledge of how the use of information technology can lead to improved organisational performance and individual quality of work life.
BAILER's aims and objectives are to help focus the evolution of the field of information and library studies. Includes information and news relating to BAILER and links to relevant LIS resources.
Collection of articles discussing information literacy in an educational context.
List of titles of over 100 completed theses in information science at the University of Sheffield, from MA in Librarianship, MSc in Information Management, MSc in Information Systems and MA in Library and Information Management.
Promotes excellence in research, teaching, and service for library and information science education.
Information about the international library and information summer school at Aberystwyth, including details of modules, lecturers and programme.
Project which aims to enhance educational expertise and teaching skills in the higher education library and information services community, through the production of training programmes and learning materials.
Professional association for people involved in creating, retrieving, organising or disseminating information.
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