Library internet use and L Guide - Resources and Review

Set of guidelines to assist libraries to develop web sites and select information for them. Compiled by the Australian Libraries Gateway team, based on feedback from users and experience gained from managing WWW sites.
Considers terminology typically understood by users in order to inform Web developers of the most appropriate labels to use when designing a library Web resource. Usability testing has shown, for example, that 'Find Articles' is a more successful label than 'Library Catalogue' when inviting patrons to search for material. A list of best practices in the area is presented.
Collection of library related resources including news items, project information, material on copyright, starting points for Internet searching, and ideas for fundraising on the Web.
Collection of texts relevant to the subject of libraries facing the challenge of networked information. Contributions in English, German and Nordic languages.
ELib project to produce software to enable the Welsh higher education community to maximise use of the library resource base in Wales.
A discussion list for issues relating to the creation and management of library
based Web servers and clients. There is a message archive as well as information about the list purpose, audience, posting policy and commands.
A print and Web magazine of Internet issues for librarians and information specialists. Aims to describe and evaluate sources and services on the Internet relevant to the LIS profession, and report on progress and developments within the Electronic Libraries Programme. Back issues available online from 1996.
Paper addressing the potential consequences of changes to digital information. Suggests that universities can cope by being more proactive in their use of the Web for reward and communication.
Library and information science current awareness newsletter with summaries of articles on developments in electronic information provision and delivery in relation to libraries. Archives available online from 1990 onwards.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of library and information science.
Links to projects, libraries and organisations making innovative use of the Internet in the library field. Categories include cataloguing, collection management, library tours and public relations.
Collaboration between Gloucestershire Libraries, Croydon Libraries, UKOLN and EARL aiming to put together a strategy for networking community information between library authorities.
Article discussing methods of assessing the usage of electronic information resources within the library environment. Covers Web analysis software, demographics, and economic and library benchmarks. Also considers the Statistics and Measurement Program available from ARL, and provides links to a range of tools.
Article examining the way in which libraries manage reference Web sites in terms of their depth, organisation and searching features. A typology based on these factors can shed light on the critical design decisions that influence a site's success or failure, and can highlight some larger design issues, both for Web sites and for information management generally.
Project Earl aims to provide public libraries with the support they need to meet the challenges raised by the emerging global network.
Criteria for librarians to evaluate Web resources.
Report on the findings of a project to demonstrate how open learning materials available on the Internet could be integrated with the provision of local open learning resources to provide an enhanced learning environment in the public library.
Collection of work written and presented by Greg Notess, a prominent figure in the world of library related IT and computing. Includes columns such as 'On the Net', as published in Database and Online magazines, articles on Internet searching, details of presentations and workshops, and examples of completed Web based projects.
Articles addressing issues involved in developing digital content and distributing it on the Web. Covers planning and implementation, resources, current research, existing digital library systems, and future developments.
General introduction to Web content creation for a library Web service, describing newer technologies and explaining concepts and terminology. Includes sections on multimedia, HTML authoring tools and metadata, and provides links to associated resources.
Part of the UKOLN server carrying a selection of British Library Reports. Includes reports on Digital Libraries, the Impact of Electronic Publishing on Library Services, Long
Term Preservation of Electronic Materials and Networked Information in an International Context.
The Electronic Library, IT and staff Education Project was established to enhance service delivery for distance learners. On completion, ELITE has now resulted in an improved electronic library service which offers interactive Web pages, electronic delivery of documents, email communications, net and video conferencing, MOOs, and chat facilities for students affiliated with the University of Leicester.
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