Literary studies and L Guide - Resources and Review

An example of how hypertext can assist literary studies.
Publishes poetry and prose of emerging and established writers from Canada, America, and other countries, along with reviews and original artwork. Access to the reviews, articles, and index of contents is available, with information on the featured artist included in the relevant publication.
Literary magazine with reviews, features, new poetry and classic short fiction.
Features publishing news, book reviews, excerpts, author information, competitions and a quotation finder.
Janus Head is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to graduate studies in literature, philosophy, and phenomenological psychology. Articles include The Future of the Dream Body in Virtual Reality and On Sartre and Self
annual journal devoted to micro-essays: concise creative non-fiction prose of less than 750 words, focusing on intimate detail and subjective point-of-view.
Magazine founded in 1979 and printed twice per month. It is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of the English essay and gives its contributors space and freedom to develop ideas at length and in depth. Regular contributors include Frank Kermode, John Bayley, Alan Bennett, Marina Warner, Jenny Diski, Christopher Hitchens, Adam Phillips, Hilary Mantel, Colm Toibin, Stephen Sedley, Edward Said, Jonathan Coe and Tom Paulin. The online edition includes two complete articles from each issue, plus a list of the contents of the print edition and the letters column. A full list of articles in the archive is also available.
Summaries, character profiles, metaphor and theme analyses, and author biographies pertaining to popular classic and contemporary literature. Novels featured include Lord of the Flies, Alice in Wonderland, 1984, The Color Purple, Death of a Salesman, Emma, Hamlet, and Wuthering Heights.
Contact list and links for British literary societies, many of them dedicated to particular writers, such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lewis Carroll, Gerald Manley Hopkins, Edith Nesbit and P. G. Wodehouse.
A collection of classic literature study guides searchable by title, author or keyword. Each guide provides information about context, characters, a brief overall summary, and features explanatory notes on main sections. Also includes examples of study questions and suggested answers for each title. Guides are available for around 100 works including 1984, All Quiet on the Western Front, Brave New World, Death of a Salesman, Don Quixote, Emma, The Great Gatsby, Heart of Darkness, Merchant of Venice, Paradise Lost, Sons and Lovers, and Wuthering Heights.
A learning resource providing links to material dealing with legend and lore. Arthurian and Celtic legends, such as The Ulster Cycle, together with Beowulf, Ballad, and Shakespearean links, comprise some of the information on offer. Full text transcriptions and many images are available.
Course material and sample assignments for the teaching and learning of poetry at undergraduate level. Covers topics such as metre, rhythm, control and conformity in verse, annotation, and historical theories of stress. Also available in French.
Searchable glossaries of terms relating to literary criticism, rhetoric, linguistics, and politics, enabling academics to understand interdisciplinary terminology. Definitions are illustrated by quotes from authors, and the resource is supplemented by a bibliography of all works cited.
Author biographies arranged alphabetically by surname, which include a synopsis of their best known works, selected bibliography, and further reading. A separate section on Nordic authors is also available, along with a facility which enables you to check which author shares your birthday.
Provides a guide to design, film, literature, music, and performing and visual arts, with profiles of individuals involved in each area. Also offers information on specific movements within genres such as fashion design, architecture, American film, literary theory, poetry, international dance, and photography.
The Association aims to maintain the broader unity of humanistic scholarship in the face of increasing specialisation, through the publication of original work, including journals, bibliographies, monographs such as the The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL).
Online journal containing essays on literature, literary and textual criticism, and pedagogy.
Digitized version of the exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the trials of Oscar Wilde. Encompasses a tour of the literary influences on Wilde's life and work, and includes images of original material such as first editions and autographs.
Collection of guides written by Harvard essayists providing detailed summaries and analysis, character information, and literature references of selected classics, as well as biographical information of authors, where available. Material is organised by title or author and includes 1984, As You Like It, Brave New World, Canterbury Tales, Crucible, Slaughterhouse Five, and many more.
Set of links to educational resources covering topics such as world civilisations, science fiction, 18th and 19th century European classics, love in the arts, the bible as literature, and English literature from India, Africa, and the Caribbean.
Presents a selection of study guides covering a range of topics including literature, drama, government and politics, music, and religious studies.
Web magazine exploring locations which inspired works of literature. Includes articles about Bertolt Brecht, Nathanael West, L Frank Baum, Kate Chopin, Thomas Wolfe and Ernest Hemingway.
Wide range of English studies resources. Includes texts, book reviews, and other English literature resources.
Offers an insight into words related to sensibility and sentimentality, as used in the eighteenth century to convey a variety of meanings. A term list provides an index of concepts, with a brief introduction and a list of relevant excerpts. Bibliographies of primary sources and critical works are included.
Collection of resources relating to literary studies, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Provides an annotated bibliography of titles, abstracts of forthcoming publications, details of work in progress, and features such as interviews, conference sessions, essays and discussions.
Set of links to recent arts and culture news from numerous sources, organised to form an online magazine. Subjects covered include philosophy, aesthetics, language, literature, history, music and art, featuring ideas, criticism, reviews, disputes, gossip, essays and opinion.
Extensive guide to resources covering the life and work of C.S. Lewis. Information includes specific Web pages dedicated to The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as a variety of critical and theoretical writings exploring Lewis's religious beliefs and influences inherent in his work. Additional material comprises private documents and resources on similar fantasy and mythic writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien and George MacDonald.
Magazine for readers of English and American literature, providing access to critical articles published on the Web. Offers a 'Guide to 19th Century English Literature' arranged by author, and includes articles on plagiarism and online publishing.
Annotated listing of Nobel Prize winners, organised by prize category; physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economics, physiology and medicine. Biographical information is given about each winner, as is access to Internet based works by, and about, them.
Web page for mailing list and archive of calls for papers in English and American literature. Announcements can include forthcoming conferences, panels, essay collections, and special journal issues, and can include calls for completed papers, abstracts, and proposals.
A set of links to resources dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding single electronic texts, and limited to collections of information useful to academics. Subject headings include classical and biblical, medieval, Renaissance, eighteenth century, romantic, Victorian British, twentieth
century British and Irish, American, theatre and drama, theory, women's literature and feminism, ethnicities and nationalities, bibliography and history of the book.
A searchable index of classic authors and full texts. Includes the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare, the complete Sherlock Holmes, a selection of Charles Dickens' books, works by the Bronte sisters, Tacitus, Melville, Gibbon, George Eliot, and many others. Searches can be conducted using keywords, words in concordance by letter, location within text and by frequency of occurrence.
A basic literature test. The first lines of several books are given, and the challenge is to name the book given the first line. The books are divided into categories which may help identify them.
A peer
reviewed interdisciplinary journal of cultural criticism. Highlights essays which attempt to cross disciplinary boundaries, bringing previously unrelated elements into new relationships.
An automated catalogue of numerous mailing lists relevant to books, with descriptions and subscription details.
Offers original articles and features about English and American literature, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Spans the centuries from Beowulf through Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, Keats and Dickens to the present day.
A variety of resources which provide information on all aspects of the fictional detective character. Includes information on the life and work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Victorian era, actors who have portrayed Holmes, and the stories themselves.
Alliance comprising societies set up in appreciation of authors such as Jane Austin, Francis Bacon, Lord Byron, John Betjeman, Lewis Carroll, Noel Coward, Walter de la Mare, Thomas Hardy, Philip Larkin, Wilfred Owen, and Beatrix Potter, with links to, and membership information for, each entry.
The BCLA aims to promote the scholarly study of literature without confinement to national or linguistic boundaries, and in relation to other disciplines.
Lists over 130,000 items with a focus on English
speaking authors and criticism, or literary theory written in English. Includes bibliographical information on several thousand authors, critical schools, and literary and linguistic concepts.
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