Nineteenth century music and N Guide - Resources and Review

Information on 19th Century opera in countries including Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Russia and the Czech lands.
Links to resources on various composers including Robert and Clara Schumann, Berlioz and Chopin.
Article on the development of art music in Finland covering the nature of Finnish music, the Kalevala as a source of inspiration, and the movement from a golden age to conservatism.
Extensive set of links to resources about classical music composers.
Essays on the general features, style characteristics and composer styles of the music of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, and on specific genres such as the concerto, opera and the symphony.
Brief biographies of major composers, with related links.
Information about Rimsky
Korsakov including a biography, a genealogy of Russian composers, a complete list of operas, orchestral and chamber music, sound clips and discography.
Index of links to 19th century music resources, including Schubert, Donizetti, Wagner and Verdi.
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