Nonlinear science and N Guide - Resources and Review

Set of peer reviewed journals in the broad area of physics, with full text access available to members of subscribing institutions. Tables of contents and the full text of featured articles are freely available to all. The electronic journals offer full text with mathematics and graphics, and allow searching, browsing and printing. Some titles, eg Nanotechnology, offer multimedia features such as videos of molecular simulations.
The mission of the Journal of Nonlinear Science is to publish papers that augment the fundamental ways of describing, modelling, and predicting nonlinear phenomena. Papers can be oriented toward theory, experimentation, algorithms, numerical simulations, or applications as long as the work is creative and sound.
Southampton mirror of the Los Alamos xxx e
print archive, with papers on physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computation and language.
A list of web sites providing electronic mathematics preprints and abstracts. The list included general preprint collections and collections in specific subject areas located at various universities around the world.
News of nonlinear research in the UK.
Extensive index to resources concerning the nature and consequences of interactions and non
linearities in systems of many objects. It includes topics such as artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, evolutionary computation, fractals, parallel computation and self-organisation.
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