North american history and N Guide - Resources and Review

Includes headlines, timelines, resource material and related topics
a chronicle of information on the American Revolution - and Perspectives on Liberty: daily life in the Colonies and a military point of view.
Information on the Virginian town in the 18th century. Includes places to stay and sights to see, as well as online resources for teachers and students.
Dedicated to the French soldiers who came to New France between 1755 and 1760 to fight in the French and Indian War. Includes brief listings of the French soldiers and White Coats description.
Information on the ecology and natural history of prairie organisms, tips on prairie plant and animal identification and ecological function, and learning games. Includes a field guide to the Prairie, complete with scientific names, photographs, life history information, and a glossary.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources about slavery.
Collection of hundreds of images focusing on historical maps of Georgia. Also contains many national and international maps from the early new world, colonial, US revolutionary and post
revolutionary eras. Map size and author information is given where possible.
Index to native American languages, language families, conferences, discussions, legislative information, language institutions. Includes the languages of American Indians, Eskimos and Aboriginals.
An Internet magazine for those interested in Early
American history. The journal, published quarterly, features stories of the colonial period, the Revolutionary war, and the early years of the Republic.
Extensive set of links to full text documents and maps about American and British history. Includes reference resources such as treaties, statistics and bibliographies.
Collection of over 40 letterbooks (about 8,000 pages) of correspondence, commonplace books, diaries, journals, financial account books, military records, reports and notes accumulated by George Washington from 1741 to 1799. Includes a copy of a manual for polite behaviour, Rules of Civility and correspondence and diaries covering Washington's life as a Virginia county surveyor and as colonel of the militia during the French and Indian War.
Research information on the quantitative ecological requirements for sustainable wildlife populations. Includes biological resources arranged by type, taxon and geography, and a searchable database of selected publications. Full text, figures, tables, appendices and citations are provided for each article.
A perspective in maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark. Includes maps and documents from an exhibition at the Alderman Library, University of Virginia. Includes information on historic expeditions, a bibliography of related reading and related Internet resources.
Includes virtual exhibitions and Web versions of the museum's activities.
Offers numerous original articles, books, eye witness accounts, and images pertaining to slavery in the US state of South Carolina. Provides the history of slavery from 1525 and traces the origins of African American culture and identity in South Carolina. Also provides detailed analyses of the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan and civil rights movements in the region.
Timeline of key events in the history of enslaved Americans of African descent in the years prior to the Emancipation Proclamation, with links to related resources.
Project collecting texts and documents covering periods of US history. The best covered is the colonial and revolutionary period.
Resources relating to slavery in the USA featuring an outline of the slave system, accounts of experiences, and key events in the development and abolition of slavery. Also offers biographies of anti
slavery campaigners in the USA and Britain.
Provides a civil rights timeline, black history quizzes, information about Negro league baseball and hockey players, blacks in the military, and various data including US states with an African American population of over one million, and annual earnings by educational attainment, race, and sex.
Online exhibition of materials documenting the discovery of North America, and events which took place during the exploration of the continent. Includes resources arranged chronologically and alphabetically by author, and a list of sources consulted in the compilation of the exhibition. Available in English and French
Pointers to African American history material, as well as an extensive repository of primary documents. Also contains bibliographies of African American arts, education, history, and science resources.
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