Northern ireland and N Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the peace process in Northern Ireland, together with a historical overview of the troubles dating back to 1169. Includes a glossary of local terms and acronyms used in Ireland and Britain in reference to Northern Ireland and the conflict and conflict resolution.
A collection of over 52,000 images which are free for educational use by the UK higher education community. The collection comprises images of textiles, paintings, ceramics, metalwork, Chinese and Japanese art, Indian art, furniture, glass, photography, sculpture, costume, theatre and manuscripts, Picture Post magazine images (covering social history in Britain from 1938 to 1957), six areas of British history (the Irish troubles, history of sport, women's history, development of the mass media, UK politicians and Labour history), with editorial input from academics, journalists and archivists, and images from the James Valentine collection (a postcard archive of photography over the past 100 years), plus items from the George Cowie and Robert Adam photographic collections.
Project which aims to develop a collaborative multimedia database of resources relevant to teaching and research on the Northern Ireland conflict. The CAIN server holds resources specific to the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' held within the partner institutions, elsewhere in the region, and in other countries. The CAIN Project is also a gateway to more general network resources on ethnic conflict.
Offers an overview of Northern Ireland and details of accommodation, houses and gardens, golf, industrial heritage, walking, hiking and horseback activities, events, sample itineraries, transportation, cuisine and restaurants, birdwatching, fishing, ancestral heritage and travel tips.
Documents the process of governmental devolution in the UK, with sections on Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and proposals for regional government in England. Also covers the governance of British Dependencies.
Information about specific elections from 1993 onwards and parliamentary constituencies with results from 1996
1998. Also offers local council election results from 1993 and 1997, and traces the history of Westminster elections in Northern Ireland since 1920.
Archive of findings from the survey launched in 1998 to establish social attitudes of people living in Northern Ireland. Includes views of adults, as well as a special section on the 12
17 year old age group. Data can be downloaded in zip format, with the questionnaire and subsequent publications from the survey results available as PDF files.
Presents background information on the wartime Luftwaffe bombing of targets in Belfast. Offers timelines of three major air raids in 1940 and 1941, and a selection of stories told by survivors of the bombing.
Bibliographic database of over 16,000 items relating to all aspects of the built environment in Ireland and Northern Ireland. A range of search options are offered, including searching by subject or building type, structure name, location, architect or designer, and document type.
Collection of documents about the history of Ireland. Topics include general Irish history, republican history, genealogy, famine, unionist history and Northern Ireland history.
Full text of the commission report published, in September 1999. The Commission, chaired by Chris Patten, examined the future of the police service in Northern Ireland as part of the Good Friday agreement.
Information about the Northern Ireland peace process, key players and their parties. Features full assembly election results and offers profiles of important figures including Ian Paisley, Gerry Adams, Mo Mowlam, David Trimble and John Hume.
Descriptions of Northern Ireland prisons, statistics about the prison population and related news and reports.
Information about the CCRU which commissions research on various aspects of community relations in Northern Ireland. Offers extracts from reports and other publications, and a searchable database of information on CCRU funded projects.
Official information from the UK Government department responsible for political and constitutional matters as they relate to Northern Ireland, law and order, policing and criminal justice policy, and community relations. It has responsibility for a number of agencies, including the Northern Ireland Prison Service, the Compensation Agency, and the Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland.
A searchable and browsable database of British official publications from 1995, drawn from the Ford Collection of British Official Publications. BOPCAS includes details of documents published by government departments, parliamentary publications published by The Stationery Office, Green Papers, and House of Commons Library Research Papers. Access to the bibliographic database is free, with subscription required for value
added services. Subject areas include defence, economy, education, environment, Europe, health, law, Northern Ireland, science and technology, Scotland, statistics, transport, Wales and welfare reform.
Northern Irish daily newspaper.
A series of subject specific reports assessing the quality of higher education, derived from analysis of the institution's self
assessment, statistical indicators, and a visit by a team of assessors.
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