Oceanography education and O Guide - Resources and Review

Collection of resources for marine science education including lesson plans, online expeditions, national projects and publications. A data tip is given each month, providing information on topics such as water currents, ocean populations and disasters like oil spills.
Departmental information and research projects covering topics such as biogeochemical oceanography, tropical coastal management, and marine ecology.
Society founded in 1988 to disseminate knowledge of oceanography and its application through research and education.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of the earth sciences, including geology, hydrology and oceanography.
A range of information about Antarctica, including weather conditions, oceanography, photographs of life at research stations, and a browsable glossary of over 300 terms related to Antarctica.
Images of sea floor topography from around the world. Includes views of Lisbon and the Philippine Trench and MPEG videos which animate topographic sea floor images.
Resource based on a television series of the same name, examining the danger, beauty and mystery of the seas. Offers information about waves, including tsunamis and freak waves, and features a simulator which demonstrates how the power of waves is affected by wind speed, fetch, and duration. Provides facts about the survival of objects, creatures and humans beneath the surface, illustrated by a deep sea simulator, and details of weather conditions such as cyclones, icebergs and global warming.
Searchable and browsable acronyms related to ocean science.
List of oceanography departments, schools and laboratories and other resources.
Information about the history of tidal analysis and prediction, tide predicting machines, and the measurement of water currents.
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