Olympic games and O Guide - Resources and Review

Online exhibition depicting the political and social background of the 1936 Olympic games. Describes the Nazi Party's attempts to exploit the event, and sport in general, for political gain.
Official information on the Games of the 27th Olympiad in Sydney, Australia. Offers profiles of competing athletes, countries, and sports, a guide to the Olympic facilities, and some historical details about the quadrennial event. Results will be posted when available.
Educational service aimed at schools and designed to promote knowledge of, and projects connected to, the forthcoming Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake, 2002. Information on Olympic and Paralympic sports are included, with data on the likes of training, history, and sports science. News features, venues, tickets, transport, and accommodation details, as well as events schedules, are also provided.
A history of the Olympic movement divided into sections including prehistory, antiquity and the modern revival.
Describes a sports program founded in 1968 enabling mentally retarded athletes to compete against each other. Participants' profiles are given, together with information about past and forthcoming events. Details of how to get involved as an athlete, coach, or volunteer are also supplied, as is the opportunity to make a donation to the organisation.
Exhibit on the ancient Olympics using text and images. It offers a cultural and historical overview of the ancient games including detailed information of the diverse sports played. Stories of some famous ancient athletes are available.
Information on the summer and winter Olympic Games. Includes winter medalists, summer medalists, games of the Olympiad, logos, mascots and olympic firsts.
News items, a diary, and sponsor details of the US Olympic Committee. Includes transcripts from press briefings, a list of policy changes adopted by the USOC, and full text of the Mitchell report criticising the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for lacking 'accountability and openness'.
Brief explanations of paralympic sports, access to the IPC handbook, related sports science and medicine issues and procedures.
Details of summer and winter Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Athens (2004), Torino (2006), and Beijing (2008), as well as highlights and photographs for all past games since 1896. Profiles of individual Olympic athletes are presented in alphabetical order.
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