Organ music and O Guide - Resources and Review

Variety of information on the reed organ, audio clips, the Reed Organ Society and links related organ resources.
Information on BIOS aims, activities, events, concern for redundant organs and the Historic Organs Certificate Scheme.
Extensive organ resources, containing audio clips and discographies for 17th Century, Romantic and symphonic organ music, and illustrations and photographs of technical and historical interest.
Database of pipe organs in Great Britain, searchable by address, builder or stop.
Describes various types of Latvian organ, gives biographical information on organists such as Larisa Bulava and Aigars Reinis, and offers information about composers and organ builders.
Online version of the magazine dedicated to the dissemination of information regarding organs and organ music. Offers contents from the most recent edition, reports on festivals and concerts, an archive of reviews, and articles on organists and composers.
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