Recipes and R Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the history, cultivation, care and handling, varieties, preparation, and nutrition of mushrooms. An extensive recipe collection is also included.
Taken from Charmaine Solomon's Encyclopedia of Asian Food, this resource offers a range of recipes, searchable by keyword, type of dish, or region of origin. In addition to typical courses, ideas for breads, drinks and fruits are given, and a glossary of equipment, techniques, and ingredients is also provided.
Information on the history of the Japanese delicacy, pointers on sushi etiquette, answers to frequently asked questions, and a selection of recipes. Also offers advice on eating sushi while pregnant.
A selection of recipes from Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, and the Island of Zanzibar. Entries can be browsed by type of dish.
Explains the origin of the name 'pumpkin', describes historical uses, and offers details of different varieties available. Also gives nutritional information, recipe ideas, a guide to growing the vegetable, and links to educational resources, festivals, and farms.
Searchable collection of traditional Greek recipes with instructions on how to prepare appetisers, soups, sauces and dressings, main courses, desserts, and salads.
Food hygiene resource providing guidance on how to prepare, cook, and store foodstuffs safely. Includes classroom materials, recipe suggestions, and tips on eating out. A 'disaster area' encourages users to share culinary mishaps.
Collection of information about soup including a news archive, stories such as Aesop's 'The Satyr and the Peasant', occurrences in film dialogue, varieties favoured by celebrities, and recipes for hot, cold, international, meat, seafood, vegetable, and fruit soups.
Extensive collection of recipes accompanied by a series of videos which follow US celebrity chef Julia Child as she demonstrates a range of cooking techniques. With ideas for all courses, she offers guidelines on food preparation, and instruction for home baking. Also includes footage of chefs such as Jacques Pepin, Carol Field, and Jasper White.
Alphabetical listing of typical Scottish dishes including black bun, cloutie dumpling, drop scones, ginger wine, herring in oatmeal, Scotch broth, and hot toddy.
Collection of meat free recipes suitable for everyday eating, special occasions, and ideal for summer or winter meals. Recipe book catalogues are available via email request.
Online news magazine featuring consumer oriented news and information on food and wine.
A database of recipes which can be searched by country of origin. Includes vegetarian, diabetic, and gluten
free recipes.
Food news, storage and preparation tips on fruit, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, information on nutritional and health benefits of a range of produce, and a selection of recipes. Users are given the opportunity to ask questions online which will be answered by an expert from the Produce Marketing Association.
Searchable collection of information about ethnic foods and ingredients. Provides a calendar of holiday traditions practised by a range of religions including Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, and Kwanzaa during the month of December. A monthly food quiz, and details of common religious food practices such as prohibitions and restrictions on various food groups are given.
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