Reference services and R Guide - Resources and Review

Project working towards the provision of a reference service based upon the digital collaboration of libraries worldwide. Traces the initiative's history and pilot stages, and offers bibliographic information for related publications.
Mailing list set up as a resource where reference librarians can help each other find the answers to difficult questions. Includes information on Stumpers
L, FAQ, bibliography, and access to the list archives.
Forum inviting users to post questions on a wide range of topics, to have them answered by other users. Subject categories include animals and nature, film and TV, food and drink, internet and technology, music, phrases and sayings, sport, and travel.
Report surveying over a decade the use of a variety of print and online resources by reference librarians at academic research libraries in the United States and Canada.
Archive of FAQ postings from over 1700 Usenet newsgroups which are posted to the news.answers group. Also includes an archive of Internet RFC (Request for Comments) documents from 1969 to the present day.
Online reference service which aims to bring the resources of UK public reference libraries to the desktop.
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