Research ethics and R Guide - Resources and Review

SGR exists to help scientists and technologists take a constructive part in the development of a new vision for science and scientists appropriate for a socially responsible democratic society.
Resources on business ethics, biomedical ethics, computer and information ethics, media ethics, professional ethics, science and technology ethics.
Promotes solutions on agriculture and biotechnology, arms control, biodiversity, climate change, energy, ozone depletion, transportation.
Collection of links to Internet resources on ethics in science, as well as a number of related essays.
AIR publishes original articles, data, effluvia and news of improbable research. The material is intended to be humorous and/or educational. Includes details of the Ig Nobel prizes which are awarded to individuals whose achievement cannot or should not be reproduced. SharewAIR is a compilation of bizarre happenings and improbable research submitted by the readers of HotAIR.
Provides engineers, scientists and science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work life. Accessible via organisational and keyword indexes and also includes engineering ethics cases, ethics in a corporate setting and essays.
Project designed to stimulate discussions on the implications of selected areas of scientific research.
Extensive set of annotated links to current literature in ethics broken down by topic, covering moral theory, relativism, pluralism, religion, egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, duty, human rights, anti
theory, gender, race, multiculturalism, virtue, abortion, cloning, euthanasia, punishment, death penalty, ethnicity, sexism, sexual orientation, poverty, welfare, world hunger, animal rights, and environmental ethics. Types of resource include court decisions, statistical reports, books, monographs and articles.
Book describing the ethical foundations of scientific practices in all scientific disciplines, and some of the personal and professional issues that researchers encounter in their work, whether in academic, industrial, or governmental settings.
Directory of resources in preclinical and paraclinical sciences, medicine and surgery, ethics and issues, careers, and other subjects relevant to veterinary science, both in practice and academia.
News, events, publications, and other documentation that reflect the input of the Society into education, policy advice to government, and involvement with NZ science and technology organisations. Includes text of the code of professional standards and ethics.
An electronic library of information relating to computers and issues of academic freedom.
The Ethics Institute exists to foster the study of applied and professional ethics, with a commitment to the objectivity and rationality of moral values. This perspective adds a distinctive dimension to teaching and research in areas such as medical and business ethics.
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