Research libraries and R Guide - Resources and Review

Internationally accessible union catalogue providing free access to the combined online catalogues from some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.
CURL is a group of UK research libraries whose mission is to promote, maintain and improve library resources for research in universities. The CURL database supports a record retrieval and reference service for library staff.
Presents a selection of annotated Web resources of relevance to librarians conducting research. Includes databases, funding material, journals, statistical data, current awareness services, and conference proceedings.
Principal association of the major research libraries of Europe. Aims to represent and promote their interests.
A shared library system for all Norwegian University Libraries, the National Library and a number of research libraries. The BIBSYS database is searchable and includes around 1.8 million records.
ARL aims to identify and influence forces affecting the future of research libraries in the process of scholarly communication. ARL comprises the libraries that serve major North American research institutions. Includes information on scholarly communication, information policy and technology.
Regional library cooperative established in 1987 to support the information and research needs of seven universities in the Washington DC metropolitan area. A voluntary alliance which grew out of a long history of inter
library cooperation among the academic libraries in this area.
Principal association of research libraries in Scotland. Outlines SCURL's history, organisation, and activities, and provides links to SCURL projects and initiatives such as CAIRNS, SCONE, SEED, and HERON.
Based at Strathclyde University, the CDLR conducts research on digital library issues ranging from information policy and information retrieval to document storage technologies and standards. Includes material on individual projects with links to their specific Web resources, along with details of presentations and reports delivered since the Centre's creation in 1999.
A geographical listing of Web resources describing worldwide holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources.
Professional association of academic librarians aiming to enhance information services within the higher education community and improve learning, teaching, and research.
Organisation to advance the promise of networked information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity. Founded in 1990 by the Association of Research Libraries, Educom, and CAUSE.
Extensive list of links to over 2800 sites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.
Collection of resources relevant to research libraries and the process of scholarly communication including projects, surveys, mailing lists, electronic conferences and collaborative efforts with partners and affiliations.
Collection of databases, journals, statistics, discussion lists, and current awareness resources, all of which are intended to assist librarians undertaking research. Also offers links to funding bodies and guidelines on writing proposals.
The New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency (METRO) is a not
for-profit library cooperative which promotes resource sharing among member libraries.
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