Research methods and R Guide - Resources and Review

Answers commonly asked questions about the operation of public opinion polls by the Gallup organisation. Addresses topics such as selection of a random sample, required sample size, conduct of interviews, and interpretation of results. Although the focus is on polls in the US, the issues covered are also applicable to international polls.
A guide to Internet, library and commercial information resources. Describes how to find Web pages, books, articles, patents, statistics, theses and dissertations, from sources such as discussion groups, commercial databases, journals and government publications.
Describes the methodology by which the Bureau of Labor Statistics obtains economic data covering topics such as employment, compensation, occupational health and safety, productivity, technology, economic growth, prices and living conditions.
Information on research methods used to investigate historical lives. A case study on the life of Martha Ballard is provided as an example, describing how her story has been pieced together based on excerpts of her diary.
Online book which aims to provide a user
friendly approach that will engage students while offering practical advice about how to read, conduct, and write up research. It tries to explain fundamental concepts clearly and with numerous real-life analogies and examples, so that students can understand the ideas rather than simply memorising terms.
Highlights trends affecting the process of creating, disseminating, retrieving, and using information for instruction and research at the university level.
Outlines techniques and computer codes for questionnaire design, survey sampling, and analysis.
Collection of databases, journals, statistics, discussion lists, and current awareness resources, all of which are intended to assist librarians undertaking research. Also offers links to funding bodies and guidelines on writing proposals.
Research centre which provides a focus for research on survey and census data analysis. Research addresses methodological aspects of survey data analysis and the application of innovative analytical methods to survey data in substantive contexts. Abstracts of technical reports are available online.
A hypertext guide to writing research reports for students and instructors of experimental and research methods courses.
An index of information of interest to scientific researchers using mice or rats in their work. Includes genome informatics, nomenclature, anatomy, cell physiology, animal physiology and software.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated general medical journals and other general publications.
Collection of documents in clinical and health psychology, personality psychology, human
computer interaction, psychophysiology, research methods, statistics and diagnostic issues.
The Karl Popper Web is an online complement to the Annual Conference on the Philosophy of Sir Karl Popper.
An illustrated online textbook for an introductory course in research methods. It is intended to be a growing, living document.
Index of sources providing information on research methods such as surveys, focus groups, sampling, and interviews. Material on the presentation of statistical data is also offered.
An interactive tutorial comprising three modules designed to introduce the user to online research methods, with a view to improving their information retrieval skills. The first section focuses on selecting the most appropriate sources depending on the user's research interests, the second concentrates on the search process itself, and the final module considers how best to assess the credibility and usefulness of material retrieved.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to qualitative methods.
Aims to promote the improvement of survey practice and the understanding of survey methods by encouraging theoretical and applied research on survey related topics and by disseminating information on survey methods.
Canadian initiative dedicated to the development of an international alternative scholarly communication system outside of the commercial mainstream, promoting a model of high
quality scholarly communication free from the heavy costs of printing, distribution, and administration associated with the publication of print and commercial journals. Includes a list of scholarly journals - all freeware or low cost shareware titles - affiliated with ICAAP.
International organisation improving the quality and management of science and technology data.
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