Robotics and R Guide - Resources and Review

Brief reviews and ordering facilities for robotics related books. Titles are arranged by category, including electronics, mechanics, robot minds and robot fiction.
As well as information about the department, example images from the telescope and weather and system reports, there is the facility to register and request the telescope to look at anything in the Northern night sky.
A refereed interdisciplinary journal which publishes target articles and peer commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioural biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, linguistics and philosophy.
Summaries of known robot competitions around the world with pointers to additional information where available.
JAIR publishes refereed research in all areas of artificial intelligence, including automated reasoning, cognitive modelling, knowledge representation, learning, natural language, neural networks, perception, and robotics. Full text available online.
Professional refereed international technical research and development journal intended to contribute to the research and development activities of the academic, professional engineering and management communities.
Journal for software engineers and systems designers covering expert systems, artificial intelligence, knowledge
based systems, neural networks, fuzzy systems, robotics, problem solving, decision support systems, reasoning, software engineering and related social, management, and legal issues.
Journal offering technical data, articles, news, products and vendor listings in the field of computer controlled systems.
Scientific journal which publishes original research papers in all aspects of computer science, including modular software development, object
oriented analysis and formal specification, robot control, and Web caching, mirroring, and searching. Abstracts and full text available online, in English.
Links to numerous annotated and evaluated online resources relevant to control and robotics engineering.
Provides daily updates of the mission to identify new meteorite samples in the Antarctic, utilising the NOMAD robotic vehicle. Includes information about Carnegie Mellon University's Field Robotics Centre, the organisation responsible for the project, and a collection of related photographs, press releases, and technical publications.
JPL Robotics researchers perform development, integration, and demonstration of innovative robotics and automation technologies, supporting NASA missions with robotic vehicles.
A design and development charity in medical engineering; working to solve problems of disability and healthcare with practical technology. Offers details of projects concerned with rehabilitation robotics and design and development for people with restricted growth.
Information about research projects at the Laboratory, including broad themes such as Digital Life, News in the Future, and Things that Think.
Pointers to robotics related information from various sources on the Internet.
Journal covering basic and applied papers on automated reasoning, computational theories of learning, heuristic search, knowledge representation, qualitative physics, signal, image, and speech understanding, robotics, natural language understanding, and software and hardware architectures for AI. Contents dating back to 1971 are publicly available, with full text available to subscribers.
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