Russian history and R Guide - Resources and Review

Documents significant historical events in Russia, with timelines covering the Kievan
Appanage (860-1689), Imperial (1689-1916), Soviet (1917-1991), and Post-Soviet (1991 to the present) periods.
Divided into three periods: Russian history before 1800; Russian history 1801
1991 and Russian history 1905-1930. Includes The Christianisation of Russia, the Manifesto of 17 October 1905, the Abdication of Nikolai II and the programmes of Russian political parties.
Links to a range of information resources about Russia, including newspapers and periodicals, Russian departments in Britain and Russian discussion groups.
Documents the exploration and settlement of America, Siberia, and Russia, and the meeting of the Russian
American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Historical aspects of the frontier are described within sections entitled exploration, colonisation, development, Alaska, frontiers and national identity, and mutual perceptions. Digital collections are also available, providing access to books, serials, manuscripts, maps, and photographs. Information is presented in English and Russian.
Tour of the Alexander Palace outside St. Petersburg and extensive information on the family of Tsar Nicholas II.
Set of annotated links to resources on Russian history, politics, language, art, and business, including journals, newspapers, discussion lists, libraries, and directories.
Historical narrative of the US perspective on the last years of the Soviet Empire, and a compendium of declassified intelligence documents created during the Soviet collapse.
Primary and secondary resources on most aspects of Russian history and links to related material. Includes journal articles, texts, historical images, audio
visual, and genealogical information.
This state radio company has been broadcasting since 1929 and aims to promote an awareness and understanding of all things Russian. Information is available in various languages including, English, French, and German. Resources cover news, economy, science and technology, and Russia's involvement in World War II.
Cultural and historical information on Russia from 850AD to the present time. Includes an interactive time line, reference section and discussion forums, covering medieval Russia, the Ukraine and Russian icons.
Extensive index to European archaeological resources, organised by country.
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