Technology transfer and T Guide - Resources and Review

The Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT) provides an insight into the legal implications of emerging technologies. JOLT has published articles on varied topics, including biotechnology, computers, international technology transfer, intellectual property, medical technologies, and telecommunications.
AURIL exists to support all UK universities in the development of mutually beneficial partnerships with industry and others sectors in the fields of research, technology transfer, consultancy and related activities to enhance wealth creation and quality of life.
Provides information about over 40 science and technology based companies.
Range of documents designed to develop technical standards and bring a consensus to the field of energy research, complete with a list of voluntary, federal, and general organisations involved in the setting of these standards, and directives including policies, orders, notices, manuals, and guides. Full text of approved and draft DOE technical standards are available as HTML and PDF files, and are searchable by keyword, document number, and functional area.
Research project investigating the preservation of material no longer accessible by the technology for which it was created. The team propose the use of emulation to enable obsolete systems to be run on future unknown systems, making material accessible via their original software. Proposed strategies will comprise a preservation plan for the BBC Domesday which was originally created using the BBC Master. User evaluation and cost benefit analysis form key strands of the study.
Diary of technical conferences, exhibitions, training courses, and seminars which concern the impact of developments in technology, the practical application of technology in a market, and the legislation or knowledge of industry.
Aims to provide impartial and authoritative analysis and information to decision makers concerned with the economic, political and social implications of science and technology. PREST undertakes research and advisory work on various aspects of science and technology policy and strategy, and provides research training.
Full text of documents connected with the Government initiative to explore what contribution science, engineering and technology can make to the competitiveness of UK business. Headings includes chemicals, construction, defence and aerospace, energy, financial services, agriculture, horticulture and forestry, food and drink, health and life sciences, IT, electronics and communications, leisure and learning, manufacturing, production and business processes, marine, materials, natural resources and environment, retail and distribution, and transport.
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