Tobacco and T Guide - Resources and Review

Organisation campaigning for clear, effective legislation to reduce and eventually eliminate the death and disease caused by tobacco. ASH aims to create a hub for tobacco control information and advocacy. Includes a series of facts sheets on the various consequences of tobacco use and a brief guide to UK agencies and resources involved in smoking prevention.
Presented in three key sections, this resource examines the farming, manufacturing, and health effects of the tobacco plant. The effect of culture, age, and gender on smoking habits are considered.
Directory of businesses including restaurants, cafes, and travel facilities, which operate under a strict no smoking policy. Addresses are given for smoke free venues in Africa, Asia
Pacific, Caribbean, Central America, North America, South America, and Europe. Resources on how to stop smoking are provided, and various musicians express their views on the habit. Businesses are offered listings free of charge.
Originally a public information service providing details of legal proceedings by US state attorney general, making the tobacco industry accountable for aspects of its advertising and marketing. This resource now serves as an archive of the proceedings providing documents by state, access to the current tobacco litigation and control, and the 'Tobacco Retailer Responsibility Initiative'.
Report, published in July 2000, describing methods which the WHO believe international tobacco companies have used to undermine the credibility and project work done by the organisation in tackling tobacco and health related issues.
Database of journal articles relating to health education and health promotion, with a bulletin detailing additions to the database within the last two months. Topics covered include alcohol, bereavement, cancer, food hygiene, heart disease, mental health, pregnancy, occupational health, and smoking.
A range of nicotine and tobacco related resources including news and research updates, links to health sites. Includes the psychiatry of addiction. Emphasis is against smoking, but with links to sites covering the arguments of the pro
smoking movement.
Details of various tobacco or health activities which aim to promote the concept of tobacco
free societies and lifestyles as the positive social norm, and to attain a worldwide decrease of tobacco use and the diseases caused by it. Includes a range of press releases and fact sheets.
Collection of cigarette advertisements from the 1940s and 1950s. Each image displays the polemic war and post
war eras, providing an insight into how social consciousness has changed with regard to the tobacco industry.
World Bank report examining governmental considerations regarding tobacco control. Describes current smoking trends, and examines the costs and consequences of measures such as raising tobacco taxes, banning advertising, making cessation therapies more widely available, and prohibiting smoking in public places. Also offers a collection of country
specific smoking data.
The documents consist primarily of scientific studies on the addicitve nature of nicotine and other health effects of tobacco smoke. The materials have been the subject of a suit in San Francisco Superior Court in which Brown & Williamson sought to permanently remove the disputed material from the Library. After further legal discussion the California Supreme Court rejected the appeal made by the company allowing UCSF to release the documents.
Information about addictive behaviour, coping with urges and cravings, reducing smoking and more.
Scottish voluntary organisation concerned with tobacco control policies. Action based research projects, statistics, and fact sheets on topics such as passive smoking, tobacco smuggling, and advertising are among the resources offered.
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