Tsunami and T Guide - Resources and Review

A bibliographic database on research, programs, and results which relate to the use of satellite remote sensing for disaster mitigation. A compilation of abstracted articles published since 1981 in relevant areas including: fires, eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, flooding, hurricanes, tsunami, avalanches
Photographs, maps and information on tsunamis in recent years, including Papua New Guinea 1998.
International peer reviewed journal of the Tsunami Society intended to increase and disseminate knowledge about tsunamis and their hazards. Offers tables of contents and abstracts for issues from 1992 onwards.
General information about tsunamis, which are large water waves typically generated by seismic activity. Offers information about the mechanisms of tsunami generation and propagation, the impact of tsunamis on humankind and the tsunami warning system.
Programme seeking to mitigate tsunami hazards, with research and development activities focusing on improved tsunami inundation maps, other hazard assessment tools, and advanced technology to increase the speed and accuracy of tsunami forecasts and warnings. Offers information on field observations, database development and tsunami modelling.
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