United nations and U Guide - Resources and Review

Contains the UN Journal (programme of daily meetings at UN Headquarters, New York), Daily Highlights, Brief Press Summaries, UN Press Releases, DPI Update, Newsletter of the UN Department of Public Information.
UNDP promotes sustainable human development. Includes information on the UNDP purpose and aims, news and announcements, details of UNDP activities, a section monitoring progress on sustainable development, general UN information, environment information, and the UN poverty clock which indicates the growth in poverty around the world.
A collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, population and demography.
The bulletin of United Nations reform, with reports from the Secretary
General which aim to 'transform the Organization, bring greater unity of purpose, greater coherence of efforts, and greater agility in responding to an increasingly dynamic and complex world'.
Information about where to find and how to use UN documents. Includes document symbols, basic tools, indexes, parliamentary documents, resolutions, decisions, speeches, press releases and special topics such as human rights.
Titled Conflict Resolution in the Global Village, the field trip offers teachers and students the opportunity to examine the techniques used by world leaders to achieve and maintain peace. Includes background information on the UN, details on UN peace
keeping operations and links to UN related Web sites.
Official site of the UN which works to protect human rights, promote the protection of the environment, help the advancement of women and the rights of children, fight epidemics, famine and poverty, assist refugees, help improve telecommunication, deliver food aid, protect consumers, combat disease and help expand food production, make loans to developing countries and help stabilize financial markets.
The full text of UN Resolution 986, the Memorandum of Understanding between the UN and the Government of Iraq, the latest relevant documents, press releases and news, a chronology of documents related to the resolution since its inception, and the distribution plan for essential humanitarian supplies submitted by the Government of Iraq to the United Nations.
Quarterly journal with selected articles from the current edition and back issues available online from 1997 onwards. Full text is available on a subscription basis.
Information about the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Provides information about benefits of exploration for the 21st century, UNISPACE III events, and issues such as space treaties, space debris, nuclear power sources and communications. Also offers details of the group's agenda, statements, press releases, reports, photographs, and audio based accounts of conferences. Information is available in English and French.
A news summary covering the United Nations, global affairs, and key international issues. Topics include health, environment and sustainable development, women and population, international human rights, UN Reform, and peacekeeping and security.
Collection of resources such as reports, guides, bibliographies, statistical publications, treaties and annual reports, arranged under headings including communications, culture, disarmament, economic development, environment, human rights, human settlements, international law, international security and peacekeeping, outer space, population, social development, transport, UN and international organisations. Publication details comprise basic bibliographic information, keywords, UN Library call number, with links to full text or abstract where available.
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